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General Astrological Predictions of Indian Politicians

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBADoctorate in Agriculture and MBA

MRS. SHIELA DIXITDate of Birth : 31 March, 1938
Place of Birth : New Delhi, India

As per my study based on Bhrigu Nadi system, period from the age of 60 to 72 is the peak in her political career and she is in the 70th year. In this period Jupiter transit Gemini and the depositor is in the 11th house.

She will have to face secret enemies and wrong tactics against her in Year 2008. This is because of the depositor of transiting Jupiter which is debilitated with Ketu conjunct. She will, however, able to face all this and year 2009 will also be a good period where she will be victorious. However, Saturn transits in Leo and the 8th from the transiting House also shows that in the next two and a half years, though, she may do very well, in her performances but she will not get the desired position.

Mr. LALU PRASAD YADAVDate of Birth : 11.06.1948
Place of birth : Gopalganj, Bihar, India

Taking the above into consideration and as per the Bhrigu Nadi System, Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav is in the 59th year of age and would be entering in 60th year. Jupiter transits as per the Bhrigu Nadid System in Aries in the 60th year whose depositor Mars is placed in the 5th House from the 12 year transiting Jupiter. It is in Leo which gives strength. Shri Lalu Prasad shall not lose position till the 59th year for sure and he will maintain his power and prestige. The year 2008, will be a good period as transiting Jupiter and its depositor both will be in the same House. He will be able to maintain his individual position but in the year 2008, he will have to deal the division and tensions. Transiting Saturn with Mars also shows diplomatic handling and dealing with opposition in the year 2008.


Date of Birth : 17-09-1950
Place of Birth: Mehsana, Gujarat.

As per the records, the date of birth has been taken as September 17, 1950 at Mehsana in Gujarat. He has completed his 57th year and will be running 58th year of age.

The period till his 60th year for the Native is above average. The period from November 2008 to October 2009 will be a period where the Native will demonstrate courage. In 2008-2009, he will be able to retain his position and prestige with the masses. Jupiter which is the depositor of the transiting Jupiter is placed in the house of Saturn (3rd from itself) inspected by Saturn and Venus – this indicates that the Native will be successful in the current elections of Gujarat. He will also maintain his present position.

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