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Why Early Death of Father and What is GAJ-KESARI Yoga!

Early Death of Father
creepy grim reaper GIF1. A person born in the first quarter of Mula, Magha or Ashvini will lose his father, but when the birth be in the last quarter of Revati, Jyeshtha or Ashlesha, there will be loss of the mother, the father and the child.

2. The child born under the same star as that of the father or under the 10th star from the father's, will cause loss of the father. Child born in the same Jamma Lagna and same Nakshatra Navamsa as that of father may cause father's death on the very day of it's birth.

3. The star in which the Moon is at the time of birth of a person is to be reckoned as the first and is called JANMARKSHA; the 10th therefrom is called KARMARKSHA; the 16th therefrom is SANGHATHIKA; the 18th therefrom is SAMUDAYA; the 19th therefrom is ADHANA; the 23rd therefrom is VINASKIKA; 25th, 26th and 27th stars are called JATI (Caste), DESA (country) and ABHISHEKA respectively.

4. If the Janmarksha and other stars mentioned above are aspected/associated by malefic planets at the birth of a person, they will cause death on the very day of birth. If aspected/associated by benefic planets, they will produce benefic effects.

Gajlkesari Yoga
5. If Moon is aspected by Jupiter exactly from 180 degree position Gajlkesari Yoga is formed, resulting good intellect, longevity and popularity and fame.
Other principles

6. According to Sarvali, Mula, Ashlesha, Vishaka and Jyeshtha are not harmful for boys born in these Nakshatras. Hence parents of the girls need no longer be afraid of accepting those boys born in these 4 Nakshatras. Horoscopes of such boys need astro-analysis with reference to married life.

7. When Lord of Lagna is not strong and well disposed, and occupy the 3rd, 5th or 7th constellation counted from the birth star the evil indications would be intensified. When lord of lagna is strong and occupies the above constellational positions, evil propensity would be lessened.

8. If a birth takes place in the Nakshatras of the brother and the parents, death takes place, without doubt of the brother and father or mother or they have to undergo death like suffering. This principles- need to be tested with reference to concerned Horoscopes.

9. Native born in the same constellation as that of parents of elder brothers will cause death of the respective person having the same star. As per Sage Vasistha, birth in father's or mother's Nakshatra causes death of one of them early. Some authorities believe that such results will take place only if the birth is in the same Nakshatra and same- 'charan'- pada.

10. Child who has a Nakshatra different from the parents will enjoy maximum love and affection from them.

11. If the Ascendant (Lagna) and Moon are placed in the same Nakshatra, as also the same pada or quarter, and Mercury and Venus or Jupiter and Venus occupies the same Nakshatra in any pada or quarter but in the same Nakshatra in which ascendant and Moon together falls, the native will have excellent character, be happy, learned, intelligent and enjoy her life with ornaments, houses, good husband and children.

12. If the Ascendant (Lagna) and Moon falls in the same Nakshatra and same quarter and Venus also placed in the same Nakshatra, the native will have many gold ornaments, fond of happiness but an irritating nature and angry tone.

13. In female Horoscopes, if Mercury and Moon occupy Lagna Nakshatra, she will be happy and blessed with good children. If Jupiter along with Moon is in the Lagna she will be very wealthy and will have sons and grand children.

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