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Dr. Shanker Adawal
Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBADoctorate in Agriculture and MBA

Dr. Shanker Adawal is a professional and Astrology is his passion and an urge. His predictive technique based on Bhrigu Technique whose principles and doctrines have been deciphered from research of above two decades. He is a professional in the field of telecommunications. He is presently working for one of the Fortune 500 Indian companies at a senior position. Did his MBA and PhD. and worked with Multinationals in India and abroad, before joining his present assignment. He has traveled extensively both in India and abroad. He also has keen interest in Human Rights.He got interested in astrology when he was young, did his Jyotishacharya. His desire and aspiration to share the findings of his research and the new dimensions, which can be given to the science of astrology.

Bhrigu Samhita – 2nd Revised Edition

Predictive Techniques Deciphered

This book, the first of a series, gives an in-depth study of the various permutations and combinations which can result in forecasting events so as to help both the astrologer and the native in getting to know of a system and principle which the traditional form of astrology does not clearly bring forth.

Know About Charms, Talismans and Spells
About charms we find gems, jewels, coins, vases, goblets, stones, weapons, herbs, trees, skulls, bones, buildings, animals, water, human beings; there is also that large section called spells where the charm consists of a formula of words or written characters often the object and formula being used conjunction which known as talismans.
They may also be classed as individual, family, tribal and national. Classification of charms is a difficult matter for the forces at work though sometimes distinct will often unite and work in conjunction. There are many forms of words and designs by means of which certain occult results are supposed to be achieved, these are usually called spells.
The book covers the matter related to charms, talismans and spells in length. It also tries to tell every aspect related to this subject. We have associated the subject with Astrology so that the readers could achieve more through it.

Know About Zodiac Signs

Description :
The zodiac signs have evinced great interest. We watch the television and read the print media to find out what is predicted for our Sun Sign.

There are twelve Sun Signs starting with Aries and ending at Pisces. These signs have logic and have been explained briefly in the book. Also during my astrological study and advice for over three decades now, I found people wanting to know more about their nature.

Your zodiac sign broadly tells you of your intrinsic nature. It may vary from individual to individual. Our acts and deeds are directly related to our nature and this applies to every aspect of our life. Not only the actions but the manner in which an individual approaches a problem is also a reflection of his traits. The chain leading us to act has our inert nature as an important link. This, I believe, is reflected through our Sun Sign. The traits are refined due to environment, circumstances and other factors about which I shall not dwell in details.

The Zodiac Sign of yours is a fairly good indicator of your personality and your instincts irrespective of your strata and position. This book deals with the Zodiac signs in details and also attempts to look into aspects of relationships, love, compatibility with other signs, financial and professional implication. It also covers aspects of favorable color, direction and other such issues of interest along with simple solutions applicable for each sign.

The over a dozen other books that I have written on various planets and systems are technical in nature and this is the first book which can be read and understood by all and I am sure one would find it useful.
With a view to give broad trends that can potentially happen with respect to each Zodiac Sign I have given predictions for twelve (12) years based on the transit of the major outer planets. This will provide each reader the sensitive points or areas of concern in the years discussed. The exact happenings might differ but broadly it will guide you to act and tackle stress points.

Know about Predictive Techniques

The study of any horoscope is based on analyzing the Natal chart. It is important, as in any other science; to start from the basics and the basic fundamentals should always remain the base. In this book the author has tried to explain the first principles which are important while making predictions and working on them. He has also tried to explain about certain planets such as Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu which are usually the dreaded planets. Also have briefly touched on the predictive techniques while talking about financial prospects, education and marriage. This book will be equally useful for amateur and research scholars.

Know about Remedies

The author has dwelt with the various remedies ranging from yoga, mantra, pooja, colour Therapy and other methods. This is a comprehensive book where the remedies have been related to various planets and their effect. The author has tried to compile the various remedies that are available in the public domain and that have been learnt from experience so that it could be beneficial to both the common man and those interested in the science of astrology.

Know about Rahu & Ketu
The Rahu and Ketu relate to the lunar nodes. The nodes are only planet which are a direct result of the relationship between the Earth, the Moon and the Sun. The aim of this book is to give a detailed analysis of the lunar nodes. The author has tried to get into the aspect of the nodes in terms of their significators, rulership, aspect and timing of the events. Also the author has dealt with the association, combination, transits and the Yogas which result due to the nodes. He has tried to comprehensively deal with all the aspects with respect to Rahu and Ketu including propitiation for them.

Rahu and Ketu are dreaded though they are two nodes of the Moon. The axis, there placement, depositors and Yogas are important and influence our actions. This book dwells into various aspects of the two planets that have been researched and analyzed. This book tells about the two Karmic Planets and both the students as well as those pursuing astrology will find it useful.

Medical Astrology
The author has investigated the various positive and negative signs in the skeletal system. In this complex study of medical astrology there is the traditional zodiacal sign rulership along with the positive and negative signs. In this study the author has tried to reduce the complexity and explain the various planets which affect our muscles respiratory, circulatory, digestive and genitor- urinary system. Along with this a very important role is played by the endocrine, organ special cell and the nervous system. In the book the author has tried to relate the various astrological signs with the physiology, health and disease.The study of Medical Astrology and correlating it with the planetary influence and aspects is a fascinating subject. The relationship between diseases and the planets has been a matter of study by various astrologers. The author has tried to classify, arrange and straighten the material available.

Know about Transit of Planets
The study of any horoscope is accurate if the planets and Dasha at the time of birth is studied in conjunction with the Transit of Planets at the time of studying it. Transits of the outer and inner planets are important in confirming and predicting the trend depicted in a horoscope. In this book the author has in a simple way tried to explain the impact of transiting planets. This will serve as a reference for those who have understood the basics of predictive astrology. Transits have also to be understood in relation to the planet and the house in the natal chart, this has also been dealt with. The book will be a useful guide and help in sharpening predictive techniques for both beginners and amateurs.

Complete Guide to Self Learning Course in Astrology

In this book Author has tried to compile the various facets of astrological principles which are in our written domain. This book is a ready reference for those interested in the basics of Astrology as well as for those who would like to do well deeper. Also with astrology becoming a tool in our daily lives it is important to know the basics and then go for consultation and queries.

Know About LUMINARIES (The Sun & The Moon)
The Moon (Chandra) and the Sun (Surya) are the great mysterious planets, proclaiming the incalculable wonders of Divine Design. The Moon and The Sun happen to be the only planets which are luminous in Character. All the rest are opaque. Hence, astrology without the study of these two great planets remains incomplete. From my own long experience in the field of Astrology, I have come to believe that the eclipse on Moon and Sun is a mystic phenomenon, which creates subtle effects.

Know About Mars & Mercury
Instinct, Freewill, Karma, God and Creation are the topics which are frequently discussed. People from all walks of life lean on these words. The two planets discussed here are 'Mars' and 'Mercury' and in one of the earlier books we had taled of Jupiter and Saturn. Mars is the planet which governs strength, action and on the extreme side i.e. war while Mercury is the planet of intellect, mind and mathematics in one's behavious in all walks of life.

Bhrigu Samhita - Predictive Techniques deciphered
The attempt in this book is to delineate the principles of prediction. This is based on research over the years on the application of the principles. The principle is based on the rotation of Jupiter and it becoming the Ascendant. It stays in a sign for 12 years. The horoscope first should be analyzed with regard to the longevity of the native. It is only then we start further predictions.

Relationship: Marriage, Love & Sex
Marriage is a complex subject. The definition of marriage has changed with times. This book tries to deal with various aspects of marriage, love and interrelated subjects in a comprehensive way. The book has approached the topic of marriage in such a way that it will interest the students, the common person and those who are deeply interested in this science.

Your Profession Ups & Downs

Profession is a complex subject and an offspring to a lot of qualitative and quantitative things which result in fulfillment, influence and possessions. Profession relates to wealth, prestige and family life. It thus is not a subject which can be evaluated by one house or its lords but all houses and planets get interrelated and the synthesis in an unified manner result to predictions. In the current context with multiple jobs, carriers and globalization this aspect of life needs an in depth understanding from the basic strength of horoscope to the understanding that Raja Yogas present may not have their impact in the life span. This book is a compilation where chapters could interest to the early learners as well as those doing research work. To again emphasize that no book can cover all aspects or give formulae this is an effort to present some techniques and the permutations, combinations with your intuitive conclusion would be helpful.

Know About :Jupiter & Saturn

The role of Jupiter and Saturn is extremely important in analyzing the strength of the horoscope as Jupiter indicates the potential and Saturn tells the inherent energy which the person possesses to accomplish things in life.This is a book which would be useful for students as well as those advanced in the study of astrology.From the basics it goes into aspects and the impact of conjunctions, placements, Nakshatra and results due to conjunctions which have been explained in context to the Nadi system.

Author Dr. Shanker Adawal

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