Horoscope of Sh. Amit Shah!

Let us understand the strengths of the horoscope though at the outset it looks a weak horoscope.

At the outset a Debilitated Sun and Mars one may not give a second glance. Two major planets signifying power and might are in their fall.

Look closely and you see the exchange of Moon and Mars - involve 8th and 11th house. Shows sudden gains as a part of destiny and the capability to intuitively understand a situation, get into the depth and a sharp brain to convert a situation (I mean, especially those situations where you feel there is a hopelessness and surgery is required) into again (fulfilling your aspirations or desires).

Mars debilitated is good as then you are a soldier, but with a strategy and scheme. Approach is to be a caretaker & custodian.

Similarly, look at the exchange of Sun and Venus. It involves 2nd and 12th house. The 2nd house is for RAJYA (GOVT) & 12th is for strategy, working with computers, secret planning and international affairs. You earn wealth & prestige (2nd house) by the 12th (planning and what we can call using social media).

Yes 8th also signifies struggles, disputes, danger, going deep into the occult, health issues, secretive enemies and 12th also signifies expenses, isolation, left alone, struggles and spirituality etc. And all these would have also manifested.

The exchanges make the horoscope very powerful as the case was of Smt. Indira Gandhi (of course the houses were different). Planets in exchange are like planets placed in their own houses, but the travel which happens in the process of exchange gets its energy.

The exchanges make the horoscope very powerful as the case was of Smt. Indira Gandhi (of course the houses were different). Planets in exchange are like planets placed in their own houses but the travel which happens in the process of exchange gets its energy. 

Ascendant in Hasta (Hasta has a connection with Moon & Mercury - logic rules but greater understanding of emotions. Deity is Savitur - first rays of the Sun. Remember a KING which Sun represents through the ruling God is a planet that has a big heart, has power, rules, but also aware of all the traits of deceit and negativity).

Haste is represented by the clenched fist - such people operate, but being in control and only with a few trusted people to keep strength & unity. Rahu also has a role in this Nakshtra & RAHU is the planet of today (it thinks and does things that are out of the box).

The above is also sustained by the Nakshatra of Sun and Moon in Bharni makes him a person, who will keep a log of things & people - help / act fairly. I am not discussing other factors as the Moon in Bharani may not be very good for Mother but that is NOT the theme of this article.

This makes the horoscope very strong and much more than what it looks by a first glance or more also!

RAHU IN 10TH & that also alone make it very strong. In Gemini it is as good as exalted. Mercury (the depositor of Rahu) is in the second house in the house of Libra (its friend and also signifies a guru, trying to balance things and joining matters/issues) which is 5th form Rahu and the 10th house.


Dasha is of Rahu-Venus is till June, 18, 2018 (excellent) and then Rahu-Sun till 13/03/2019 and then Rahu-Moon till Sept, 2020 & Rahu-Mars till  Sept, 2021.

You would observe ANTAR DASHAS of Venus, Sun, Moon and Mars operate till September, 2021. Venus & Sun & then Moon & Mars is in an EXCHANGE which I have explained above.

The exchanges will give their impact and take him to dizzy heights and also getting more spiritual with an understanding of what that is the meaning of UNION with the ULTIMATE (the SOURCE).

Involvements of 8th and 12th in the exchange, is the reason, but analysis is only on the tenth house (power, prestige and the impact of Rahu in Gemini IN Mrigasira which gives a great understanding of direction & purpose & chasing things - searching new horizons is a continuous process - RULED BY LORD SOMNATH as the DIETY).


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