Know About Zodiac Signs: Virgo (Kanya), Chapter 6, Part - 15

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effect of Various planets in Virgo Sign

Sun: Sun placed in Virgo will make the native linguist, poet, mathematician, taste for literature & arts, well read, scholarly, good memory, reasoning faculty, effeminate body, frank, lucid comprehension, learned in religious lore & respectful to elders, reserved, sweet tongued.

Moon: Moon placed in Virgo will give the native lovely complexion, almond eyes, modest, Sunken shoulders and arms, charming, attractive, principled, affluent, comfortable, soft body, sweet speech, honest; truthful, modest, virtuous, intelligent, phlegmatic, fond of women, acute insight, conceited in self-estimation, pensive, conversationalist, many daughters, loquacious, astrologer and clairvoyant or attracted towards them, skilled in fine arts like music and dancing, few sons, live in foreign land, enjoys the wealth of others.

Mars: Mars placed in Virgo will make the native of big family, general love for the fair sex, sweet 
tongues, learned, revengeful, self-confident, conceited, affable, boastful, materialistic, ceremonial-minded, deceptive, scientific enterprises.

Mercury: Mercury placed in Virgo will make the native learned, virtuous, liberal, fearless, handsome, irritable, refined, subtle, intuitive, sociable, imaginations, dyspeptic, eloquent, author, priest, poet.

Jupiter: Jupiter placed in Virgo will make the native learned, efficient, found of scents & flowers, versed in several branches of learning, ambitious, affectionate, fortunate, lovable, a beautiful wife.

Venus: Venus placed in Virgo will make the native very rich, clever in talking to women, simple nature, visits to holy places, lack physical comforts, Petty-minded, unhappy, learned.

Saturn: Saturn placed in Virgo will make the native of tall body, wicked, immoral, helpful to others, possesses wealth, farsighted, servile, taste for public life.

Rahu: Rahu placed in Virgo will make the native domestic happiness, high position, wealthy.

Ketu: Ketu placed in Virgo will make the native loss of wealth, accident from machine or fire, bereavement of elder, worries, digestive problems.


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