Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Wealth & Prosperity: Analysing a Horoscope to Decipher Wealth and Prosperity, Chapter III, Part - 16

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Sixth House

Venus in 6th house gives happy married life to the native. Native have many friends and wide social circle. Native spend his wealth in treatment of diseases. This native cannot be considered fortunate but Venus in 6th also gives wealth and prosperity to the native, because from 6th house Venus aspects the 2nd house, 10th house and 12th house.

Seventh House

Placement of Venus in 7th house gives a happy married life to the native. Native earns wealth and prosperity in life after marriage or through spouse. This native can make good artists, singers, musicians or actors and actresses in life. Native leads a happy and romantic life. Native loves to spend in charity and travel to distant places in life. This native can be considered fortunate in terms of wealth and prosperity in life. Native also earns name, fame and popularity in life. In business this native may deal in cosmetics, perfumeries or jewelleries.

Eighth House

Venus in 8th house makes the native cruel, sickly and short tempered. Native learns occult sciences. Native may has to travel to foreign places or distant lands in his life. Native also gets involved in immoral deeds. Native leads a unhappy and unfortunate life in terms of wealth and prosperity.

Ninth House

Placement of Venus in 9th house of the horoscope makes the native disciplined, pious and religious minded. Native travels to distant places to visit holy shrines or for pilgrimages. Native may earn respect and honor form the government. Native leads a happy and peaceful domestic life.

Tenth House

Venus in 10th house makes the native fond of pleasures and luxuries in life. Native earns enormous wealth and prosperity through his hard work. This native can be considered fortunate regarding financial prospects in life. They can also make good mathematicians or astrologers. Native remains somewhat greedy by nature but very kind hearted and ready to help others.

Eleventh House

Venus in 11th house makes the native fond of pleasures and luxuries in life. Native owns conveyance in life. Native earns enormous wealth and prosperity in life and attains financial stability in life. Native also loves to spend for charitable purposes and to help others in need. Native may also deal in gems and jewellery. Native earns popularity and reputation in the society.

Twelfth House

Placement of Venus in 12th house of the horoscope gives wealth and prosperity to the native but native suffers from illness and has to spend in treatment or hospitalization. Venus in 12th house gives all the comforts of material life to the native. Placement of Venus in this house helps the native to enjoy all the pleasures and luxuries of life. It helps the native to fulfill all his worldly desires in his life. Hence according to Varahmihira this native can be considered fortunate from worldly point of view.


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