Periods and Sub-periods and their effects Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1

Naisargika Dasa

The Naisargika (natural) Periods in the case of all beings are those of the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, the Sun and Saturn in the order stated, and their periods are respectively 1, 2, 9, 20, 18, 20 and 50 years.

If the Naisargika Period and the ordinary planetary Period sub-period happen to run together, such period will be a prosperous one.

According to Yavaneswara, after the closing period (i.e. after 120 years) is the Naisargika Lagna prevails. This is objected to by some. But does somebody lives beyond 120 years in the present days.

Initially determine, whichever of the following three is powerful, the Rising Sign, the Sun and the Moon, his period comes first. Then follow the periods of the planets occupying the Kendra houses, from such powerful rising sign or the Sun or the Moon. Then come the periods of the planets occupying, the Panaphara houses from the same; and lastly come the periods of planets occupying the Apoklima houses.

If there are no planets in kendras from above Period lords, those in cadent house will have their Period and in case there are no planets even in cadent houses from a particular Period, lord the planets in succeeding house will have their Period.

If more than one planet is situated in a sign, the planet who has contributed the greatest number of years to life and is strong, will have the Period first. But, if the planets be of equal power, the Period of the planet whose period is the longest comes first; and if the planets be of equal power and period, then, the period of the planet, which rises first comes first.

(In other words, the eight periods divide into three distinct groups. Those of the planets occupying the 4 Movable signs form one group; those of the planets Occupying the 4 Fixed signs form another group and those of the planets occupying the 4 Common signs form a third group. Now, if the Lagna, the Sun or the Moon whichever is more powerful than the other two, occupy a Movable sign, the Movable group comes first, the Fixed group comes next and Common group comes last. If it occupies a fixed sign, the Fixed group comes first, the Common group comes next and the Movable group comes last. And if it occupies a Common sign, the Common group comes first, the Movable group comes next and the Fixed group comes, last. The group that comes first is always headed by the powerful Lagna, the Sun or the Moon).

Calculations of Sub-Periods etc.

The period of the Sub-period (sub-division of planetary period) of the planet occupying the same house as the lord of the Period, is one-half of the Sub-period of such lord.

The Sub-period periods of the planets occupying the 5th and the 9th houses from the lord of the Period, are, each one-third;

Those of the planets occupying the 7th house from the lord are, each one-seventh; and

Those of the planets, occupying the 4th and the 8th houses from the lord, are, each one-fourth of the Sub-period period of the lord.

The Sub-period periods of the Lagna-Period shall be determined in the same way.

The fractions should all be made to have a common denominator with different numerators. The Period should be divided by the sum of the numerators and the quotient, when multiplied by the several numerators will give the periods of the several Sub-periods.

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