About The Tenth Bhava Part 3

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Part 3

Mars-Jupiter: Military services, army captain, through friends.

Mars-Venus: Trade in gold and gems; travels; dependence on women.

Mars-Saturn: Rash actions; no steady work; occasional menial jobs.

Mercury-Jupiter-Jup.: Leader of corporations and councils; government jobs; heads of institutions.

Mercury-Venus: Ministers, governors, ambassadors, representatives.

Mercury-Saturn: Pots, tiles, etc., with clay (manufacture or trade); teacher of crafts; writing; painting; librarians or book-sellers.

Jupiter-Venus: Highly lucrative jobs in the government. Leader of the learned and the government. Leader of the learned and noble; adviser; teacher of sciences and Vedas.

Jupiter-Saturn: Contractors; undesirable actions; taking subscriptions for poor homes and like jobs.

Venus-Saturn: Drawing and painting (artist); cosmetics (maker or trader), snuff, face powder, inks, lime: also as a physician.

Sun-Mars-Mercury: Heads of states and like authoritative high posts.

Sun-Mars-Jupiter: Army, magisterial job.

Sun-Mars-Venus: Liaison work; under hand dealings; cheating.

Sun-Mars-Saturn: Despicable actions and cruel deeds.

Sun-Mercury-Jupiter: University professors, writers, traders.

Sun-Mercury-Venus: Heads of states, high posts in government; artistic and religious engagements.

Sun-Mercury-Saturn: Cruel deeds, work with weapons and fire; engine drivers.

Sun-Jupiter-Venus: Professors, writers, by intelligence and knowledge.

Sun-Jupiter-Saturn: Government service; contracts.

Sun-Venus-Saturn: No steady work possible; coarse and vulgar life.

Mars-Mercury-Jupiter: Agriculture; teaching; head of poor homes, endowment boards.

Mars-Mercury-Venus: Skill in mechanical arts; making ornamental articles like garlands etc.: goldsmith.

Mars-Mercury-Saturn: Shop assistants, low cadre clerks, servant, mirth and mockery.

Mars-Jupiter-Venus: Priest-craft; dependence on the learned, religious discourses.

Mars-Jupiter-Saturn: All low type services

Mars-Venus-Saturn: Different types of jobs under government and railways and an upright and righteous life.

Mercury-Jupiter-Venus: (in the 10th coinciding with Taurus or Libra)-Lucrative jobs amongst ruling authorities.

Mercury-Jupiter-Sat.: Highly learned; author of prose, poetry and drama; journalism; administrative heads with travels (railway officers).

Mercury-Venus-Saturn: Mechanical and artistic works, duels, boxing.

Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: Teaching and advisory work; virtuous upright life.

The effects of planetary combinations in the 10th from the Moon given above are for guidance only as the characteristics of the sign in which the 10th falls will also bear upon them. The strength of each planet in the combination decides the percentage of its Karakathwa entering the union. The stronger the planet, the more will be its contribution. The effects of Mars-Jupiter combination in Cancer and Capricorn 10th Bhavas and of Mercury-Sun-Venus association in Virgo, and Pisces 10th Bhavas cannot be identical. It is also to be noted that the planets in a combination have to be within 5 degree to 8 degree in a sign if the yoga is to yield full effects. The Moon in 4 degree and Jupiter in 22 degree of a sign do not produce the effects of a yoga. All the indicated effects have to be corrected, taking into account these factors which really call for the ingenuity of the astrologer. It will not also be possible to codify accurate results of the infinite permutations and combinations of planets.

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