Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Jupiter, Chapter VIII, Part - 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

8.4 Transit of Jupiter through various Houses

Part 1

8.4.1 In natal Moon sign: As indicated earlier, it is not an auspicious transit. The native may have bad health, lose property, intellect & reputation, and have unwanted expenditure, domestic worries, humiliations and bad relations with relations & friends. One may be transferred to a place against one’s wishes and away from own kin. He may be suffering throughout and have a feeling of fear even for petty things. He may be harassed by government officials and suffers wrath of/ punishment from rulers/ seniors. It adversely affects the feelings, the public image & personal popularity. His capabilities of doing things or functional ability may fall down. There may be obstacles in marriage also if of such an age. One feels the need to be secure and be stronger at home. The house, which the Moon rules and the planets posited therein indicates the part of one’s popularity which the Jupiter infuses.

8.4.2 In 2nd from natal Moon: During this transit, a native may enjoy good health, happiness, increase in popularity & fame, acquisition of wealth from many sources, defeat of enemies and addition to family (by spouse/ child). He may have clear thinking, sharp intellect and eloquence of speech. His knowledge may improve and brings success in education. There may be domestic peace & pleasure, acquisition of comforts & luxuries and success in all enterprises. It is a good period for investments, promotion in service, charities and social works. One feels more confident & enthusiastic about one’s ability to develop talents and boost one’s value system and earning power/ financial status. Monetary problems of the past may clear up and a major profitable sale/ purchase is possible. This tends to attract abundance and favours from various quarters. This is a good time to go for a raise, apply for a loan/ grant, or take part in various financial/ business dealings.

8.4.3 In 3rd from natal Moon: This is one of the worst transit producing highly inauspicious results. The native may face loss of position, failure in undertakings, financial debacles, strife, mental depression/ anguish, discomforts and suffers interruption/ dejection in works. During this period there be danger to life of his own, his father or spouse if other parameters also support it. He may himself or his siblings may fall ill. He may lose self-confidence, be transferred against his will or forced to change his residence or may even be imprisoned. There may be heavy loss in business from which one may not be able to recover. He may run heavy debts and lose his functional/ financial status. The friends, neighbours and relatives leave one alone to face the miseries. He may suffer humiliation on various counts and others may laugh at him. His health may be down and he may suffer chronic diseases. However the inauspicious results will be diminished to a large extent, if simultaneously there is another planet transiting in 2nd house from the natal Moon.

8.4.4 In 4th from natal Moon: During this transit, native may lose wealth in business, speculation or gambling, earns displeasure of mother, spouse & children, and face dangers of loss of/ accidents from vehicles. He may become quarrelsome, mentally worried, extravagant, bereft of paternal property and lose his domestic peace. His hard-earned money may slip away or be stolen. At work places, he may face false accusation, humiliation, inquiry and punishment/ demotion by authorities. However simultaneous transit by another planet in 5th house will reduce adverse effects to a great extent.


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