Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Yogas:- Special Raj Yogas, Chapter VI, Part – 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

10. Mahabhagya Yoga

10.1 Introduction: This is another rare Rajyoga, which manifest through out life regardless of dasha sequence. The “Mahabhagya” is a Hindi word, which means great fortune. The lagna, Sun and Moon represent the body, soul and mind respectively. Thus they are the three critical pivotal points, around which the life of any native revolves. Odd signs are masculine signs, while even signs are female signs. Odd/ masculine signs are strong in day time, and even/ female signs are strong. Often we find a mixture of masculine and feminine qualities in any chart.

10.2 Definition: The formation of this yoga has different criteria for male and female natives.

1. For Male natives:
i) The birth should be of day time (from sunrise to sunset).

ii) The Sun & Moon should be posited in odd signs.

2. For Female natives:

i) The birth should be of night (time from sunset to sunrise).

ii) The Sun & Moon should be posited in even signs.

10.3 Results: One born in yoga is pleasant to look at, liberal widely renowned, wealthy, a pleasure to others, generous, of blameless character, lord of lands, a king or equivalent to king and lives to a good old age. A female born with this yoga will possess all feminine qualities & virtues, grace, good fortune, good character, wealth, and good children.

10.3 Illustrations: Please refer Chart No. 39 of Sh Morarji Desai. He was in daytime and had Gemini lagna with Moon posited in Leo and Sun in Aquarius. He had been a man of discipline, character & honesty, held various political appointments including that of Prime Minister, was rich, enjoyed good family life with wife & children and the only person to be conferred highest civilian award of India and of Pakistan. Please also see chart No. 51 of Dhirubhai Ambani. He was born in daytime and his lagna, Sun & Moon all three were in Sagittarius. He was a self made business icon of India. He revolutionized Indian economy in fields of textile and communication. He was admired by his own employees and family. Now let us see another example.
She was born in the night and had lagna in Taurus, Moon in Cancer, and Sun in Virgo, thus conferring Mahabhagya Yoga. She has Amatyakaraka Jupiter in Lagna in both natal & Navamsha chart. Jupiter rising close to lagna and aspecting exalted Mercury in 5th house, gives her a melodious voice and brilliance in music. Both Jupiter and Mercury are close to rising degree of lagna. The 3rd lord Moon in 3rd house (of throat) in own Cancer is very strong with six benefic points in own Ashtakvarga. Venus, the Karaka of music is digbali in 4th house. She was awarded highest civilian award of “Bharat Ratna” in 1991.

10. Summary
It should now be clear that the seven Raj yogas discussed in this chapter are of highest merit and deserved an exclusive consideration. These yogas are not dependant on lordship of houses and last for longer durations. This has been explained by delineation of 12 charts, besides discussing case of other natives as well.

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