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Astrology is an alternative or supportive therapy, a handy tool to mitigate problems and help people become better within their parameters, their context.

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Education Forecast: Why Dullness?

Dullness and want of intellect are indicated by the weakness of the lord of ascendant, his debilitation and his association with malefics. Position of Saturn in the 5th bhava, his aspects on the lord of the ascendant, and the lord of the sign occupied by Saturn falling in combination with malefics all show mental handicap and weakness of intellect. The position of the lord of the 5th bhava in an uncongenial sign and weak Mercury without benefic aspects posited in the 12th bhava show an inactive memory. The position of the lord of the 2nd bhava or of the lord of the 5th bhava in the6th, the 8th or the 12th in association with Mercury and Jupiter points to lack of brains and backwardness.

The childhood and old age of the lord of the 2nd bhava show a slow and feeble mind. For a period of seven days after combustion they are said to be in the state of childhood. Planets are considered to be in their boyhood till they begin their retrograde motion. The period of retrogression is the youthful state. Nearness to combustion is said to be the old age.

Intelligence and educational attainments of a native will be according to the states of the lords of the 2nd and 5th bhavas. The 2nd bhava hemmed in between malefic planets, presence of malefics in the 2nd bhava, evil aspects on the 2nd bhava and its lord, association of the lord of the 2nd bhava with malefics and the 2nd bhava falling in malefic sign point out poor possibilities for high education.

Idiocy and retarded brain are indicated by the Sun and Mandi in the 2nd bhava aspected by all malefic planets.

Mercury and Mars posited in the 12th bhava or Mercury in the12th bhava aspected fully by Mars show low educational possibilities.

When the lord of the 5th bhava in association with malefics is posited in a cruel shashty-amsa with a malefic in the 5th bhava, bovine understanding is indicated. When the lord of the 5th bhava is posited in his debilitation or inimical sign with full aspects of malefics or when he is combust and in a cruel shashtyamsa, infantilism and stupidity will result. Lord of the 5th bhava in combination with malefics and with Saturn posited in the 5th bhava aspecting the lord of the ascendant, gives the same effects.

A weak memory is shown by Saturn, Rahu or Mandi in the 5th bhava without any benefic aspect, while the lord of the 5th bhava is subjected to the full aspects of strong malefics. Occasional forgetfulness is brought about by the lord of the 5th bhava posited in a cruel shashtyamsa in combination with benefics, particularly when Mercury (or Jupiter) has connections of benefic planets.

Intellectual poverty is shown by Venus occupying Aries or Scorpio aspected by Mercury or Gemini or Virgo aspected by Saturn.

Combinations of Mercury and Saturn in the 4th bhava and of Jupiter and Saturn in the 7th bring about imbecility.

When the lord of the 2nd bhava, Jupiter and Mercury fall in the 6th, the 3rd, the 8th or the 12th bhava, when these planets are combust or debilitated and when they are posited in their inimical signs obstructions to education are indicated.

Lord of the 2nd bhava in the 8th or the 12th in association with Jupiter indicates dullness. The Moon with Mercury and Saturn on either side shows lack of educational possibilities.

Lord of the 2nd bhava in combination with the Sun and another malefic falling in the 10th bhava which coincides with his debilitation sign points to the native’s inability to talk before an assembly. The position of Mars with the Sun and the Moon on either sides shows poverty of intellect. Stupidity is indicated when the lord of the 5th bhava is combust or is posited in his inimical or debilitation sign with malefic aspects and a cruel Shashtyama.
Dr. Shanker Adawal

Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

Basic Principles of Division Charts

When the fundamental basic principles are given out one can emulate not thousands but even crores of combinations. In this case texts lay down rules for the framing up of these charts. One is different from the other. Then a doubt arises as to whether these rules are dictated at random by any celestial personality or one framed out of fundamental basic principles. If it is former, we have no further voice in the matter, when it does not become scientific. So we still believe that there are those basic principles on which the rules are framed.The approach to this subject will be better understood by classifying the Division Charts into five groups as follows:

  • D-1
  • D-2, D-30, D-60.
  • D-3, D-4, D-12
  • D-11, D-24, D-40 D-45, D-10
  • D-5, D-6, D-7, D-8, D-9, D-16, D-20, D-27

In framing all these charts, please note that all the parts of a Division must be equitably and wholly and symmetrically or consecutively distributed among the 12 signs of the Zodiac. This must be satisfied in all charts. Then we shall discuss each group.

  • Group-1: D-1 is original chart known to all.
  • Group-2: D-2 By its very name Hora all parts must be related to Ravi Hora and Chandra Hora only-so in their Rāśis.D-30 It is spoken of not in terms of Rāśis but in terms of Planets. Even then a chart is evolved perhaps by sheer intelligence.D-60 The names only are given out and not their location. So we should not worry with this.

  • Group-3: D-3 Its parts are distributed at equal distances. D-4 is similar to D-3. D-12 It completes one cycle of Zodiac.
  • Group-4: As these cannot be distributed evenly in the entire Zodiac some special rules are laid down for these. God only knows how and why they are so defined.
  • Group-5: All these charts are framed as per a definite basic principle as follows: In all these cases start always from Aries. Keep on the regular order and continuity of Rāśis and Parts in succession. You get the evolution.

For example: D-6 Starting from Aries its 1st part of D-6 stays there alone, the second part of Aries goes to the next Rāśi - Taurus and so on till the 6th (last) part of Aries goes to Virgo. Further parts commencing from next Rāśi Taurus must be continued from the next to where the last part of Aries falls, i.e. Libra. Similarly, the six parts of Taurus range from Libra to Pisces and again the six parts of the next Rāśi Gemini fall from Aries (next to Pisces) to Virgo and by working further you will reach a symmetry which can be summed up as-in odd Rāśis it commences from Aries and in even Rāśis from Libra.

Working on these rules will help to retain it rather than memorizing them.

Take D-7: Starting from Aries its last 7th part goes to Libra. Next the parts of Taurus continue from Scorpio to Taurus. Next parts of Gemini continue from Gemini to Sagittarius and so on. The symmetry struck here may be stated as follows. In odd Rāśi it commences from itself and in even Rāśi from its seventh.

TakeD-8: Aries parts cover from Aries to Scorpio, Taurus parts from Sagittarius to Cancer and Gemini parts from Leo to Pisces and again the same order of Aries, Sagittarius and Leo repeats. Thus in movable Rāśi it starts from Aries, in fixed from Sagittarius and in common sign from Leo.

I hope that these examples will do to enlighten the readers properly.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

Adversities of life from Trimsamsa.

Ordinary good and bad aspects of life from Khavedamsa. (xv) All other aspects of life from Aksha-vedamsa and Shashtamsa. Maharshi Parasara has furnished the following additional information for our guidance: –

i.              Planets have full powers in exaltation, moolatrikona and own signs: and they are powerless in debilitation with proportionate effect in other positions.

ii.             The Sun, Mars and Jupiter are effective in odd Sun-Hora; the Moon, Venus and Saturn are effective in even Moon-Hora but Mercury is effective in both, i.e., Moon-Hora effects in even signs; Sun-Hora effects in odd signs.

iii.            A planet in opposition to the Sun gives full effect and is powerless in conjunction with the Sun with proportionate effect in other cases.

iv.           Planets give full effect in the middle portion of the vargas. The effect develops from the beginning of the varga, rises to its maximum at the middle, then decreases and becomes powerless at the end, like the start.

v.            In Trimsamsavarga, effects of Mars can be taken as those of the Sun and the Venusian effects can be taken as those of the Moon.

vi.           Planets in benefic Shashtamsa bestow good effects while bad effect comes out of a planet occupying malefic Shashtamsa.

vii.          The rising and setting of planets give a modifying good or bad touch to the above-mentioned effects.

viii.         Good vargas for a planet are his three powerful signs and vargas of angular lords from the tenancy sign of the planet.

ix.           Bad vargas for a planet or his angular lords are combustion, fall, debilitation, defeat in planetary fight or bad avasthas like mrita, sayana and vriddha.Maharshi Parasara has indicated the following effects for lords of different houses attaining more than one of own varga powers:–

1.  Angular (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th) lords make one charitable in Parijata; extremely charitable in Uttama; manly in Gopura; honourable in Simhasana; courageous in Paravata; leader in assembly in Devaloka; Muni or Rishi in Brahmaloka and always happy in Satruvahana or Airavata. As no planet attains Sreedhamavarga in Kali Yuga, the effect has not been mentioned.

2.  The 5th lord brings learning according to caste in Parijata; best learning in Uttama; world fame for learning in Gopura; learning with ministership in Simhasana; knowledge of Brahma in Paravata; Karma Yoga in Devaloka; always prayer in Brahmaloka and expression of extreme devotion or bhakti in Airavata.

3.  The 9th lord gives love of pilgrimage in Parijata; constant pilgrimage in Uttama; participation in Yagna in Gopura; bravery and truthfulness with passions under control inSimhasana; Paramahamsa status in Paravata; dandi-sannyasi-hood in Devaloka; position second only to Indra by performing AswamedhaYaga in Brahmaloka and supremely religious outlook like Ramachandra and Yudhishthira in Airavata.

4.  Lords of the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th and 12th houses, singly or in combination, on attaining Parijata, give suffering during tenancy of the 1st house; best of men in the 2nd house; helper of a number of people in the 3rd house; landed property or ownership of villages in the 4th house; Guru in the 5th house; Brahmanic occupation in the 6th house; destruction of enemies and honour of gods in the 7th house and power of an arbiter of life and death of many mortals and animals in the 8th house.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

स्वास्थ्य, सम्पति और खुशहाली के लिए रत्न

हमारे सौर-मंडल में ग्रहों और सितारों द्वारा प्रभावित और विकिर्ण रत्न प्रत्येक ग्रंह की विषय-वस्तु और आदतों के गहरे संयोग को इस्तेमाल करते हैं। स्वाभाविक रूप से, लौकिक शक्ति के परिचालक होते हुए, वे प्राप्तकर्ता के रूप में काम करते हैं और अपनी शक्तियों को सीधे हमारे शरीर में प्रसारित कर देते हैं।

उचित आणविक एकत्रीकरण के साथ रैखिकीय आकार के उचित स्वरूप में निर्मित, रत्नों का विशिष्ट क्रिस्टल स्वरूप अपनी नियमित गतिशील तरंगों के साथ भारमुक्त करता है, जोकि क्षमताशील लाभकारी विकिरणों को मजबूत व सुसंगत बनाती है, जिस कारण से लाभकारी ग्रह कमजोर या संसतप्त हो जाता है।  

पुराणों में यह भी व्याख्या की गई है सबकुछ किरणों से बना और प्रभावित होता है, यह किरणें ही  प्रकाश के कारण शांतचित और संपन्न होता है जो निर्माण करने, बनाए रखने और नष्ट करती है। और इसलिए प्राचीन ऋषि मुनियों जिन्होने व्यक्ति की संसार के संबंध में सकल या सूक्ष्म वास्तविक प्रवृत्ति को समाविष्ट किया, रत्न धातुओं के संसार से प्राप्त वह उपहार हैं जो अपने प्रसारित हो सकने वाली चेतना को तब हमारे शरीर में व्याप्त कर देती हैं जब उनका संपर्क हमारी त्वचा से होता है।

इसी प्रकार से धरती, ग्रहों और मानवता के बीच उत्तम केन्द्र की मूर्त का निर्माण हुआ था जोकि पूर्ण रूप से अपने समन्वय दीप्तिमान चमक के कारण हम पर साकारात्मक प्रभाव डालता है।

सभी ज्योतिष शास्त्र हमें बताते है कि रत्न चंद्रमा के द्वारा राज करते हैं।
ग्रहों के लिए रत्न इस प्रकार है।    
लाल मूंगा
पीला नीलम

जब ग्रह कुंडली में पीड़ा का संकेत देते हैं तो इन्हे रोकने का एक तरीका उन ग्रहों से जुड़ा हुआ दान या चढ़ावा, उन ग्रहों से जुडे हुए व्यक्ति विशेष को हफ़्ते के उस दिन देना होता है जोकि उस ग्रह का प्रतिनिधित्व करते हैं। 

यहां बहुत से कारक हैं जो प्रत्येक व्यक्ति की कुडंली के अनुसार समझे जाते हैं जिनमें से दो उदाहरण कुछ इस प्रकार दिए गए हैं:

शनि के लिएः भोजन, पैसे या नए काले कपड़ें या गरीब, बीमार या विकलांग लोगों को काले सरसों के बीज दान करना।

बृहस्पति के लिएः गुरू या धर्म गुरू, पंडित, साधु या धार्मिक संस्थाओं को पैसे दान करना और व्यक्तिगत सेवाएं करना। प्रत्येक बृहस्पति वार इसे करें।

अंतत: पूर्व जन्म में या बीते समय में किए गए किसी भी कर्म के संताप से बचने के लिए यदि को वास्तविक उपचार हो सकता है तो वह यह है कि आप पूरी श्रद्धा के साथ ईश्वर के समक्ष स्वयं को पूरी तरह से समर्पित करें, अह्म का त्याग करें व आत्म ज्ञान प्राप्त करें। 

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Profile: www.connectingmind.com
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

What is Gōcharā (Transit of Planet)?

In predictive astrological planetary positions, gain importance in the following order: –

1.      Radical positions,

2.      Navamsa positions,

3.      Directions prevalent and

4.      Transits.

There exists a consensus of opinion on the point, that it is only the Moon’s Ascendant, which is important for ascertaining the effects of transits. Hindu astrologers attach importance to Gōcharā (transits) movements of the planets and experience also shows that we cannot ignore the effect of transits of at least slow-moving planets on the life of a native.

Although it is true that at the time of bad directions, Jupiter will not do much good by transit, and under good directions, Saturn will not cause much harm, yet, each will produce an effect in every case. It may be taken as a safe rule, that when evil directions are operating an adverse transit will worsen the situation, whereas a good transit coinciding with such directions may avert a crisis by diminishing the bad effects thereof.

 A planet seriously afflicted at birth will not accomplish much good by transit, but a well-placed and well aspected planet at birth will act beneficially by transit. The general effect produced by a planet in transit over another is in principle the same as the conjunction of the two with directions, but the transit is much less important than the directions. Periods of Planetary Movements the Sun transits one Rāśi (30°) in one month; the Moon 2¼ days; Mars 1½ months; Mercury1 month; Venus 27 days; Jupiter 1 year; Saturn 2½ years; Rahu1½ years; Ketu 1½ years; Uranus 7 years; and Neptune 7 years are approximate. 

Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu, Uranus and Neptune are slow- moving planets. The slower a planet is, the more marked is the effect it produces by transit.

 Of the fast-moving planets, Mars is capable of producing marked effects by transit at critical times. Although the Moon is the fastest, its transit becomes important in deciding fortunate and unfortunate days. When the Moon transits the place of benefics like Jupiter, Venus or the exalted Sun it indicates a fortunate day. When the Moon is trine to Jupiter at birth its transit over both these places indicates fortunate days. The Moon’s transit through the Ascendant is good in most cases, especially for proceeding on journeys, except when a malefic is placed in the Ascendant or in the 7th house.

Transits become more important when planets transit signs which are at angles. Even among the four angles the 1st and the10th are more important than the 4th and the 7th. In houses other than angles, transits become important if the house transited is occupied by a planet.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Profile: www.connectingmind.com
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

General Predictive Trends of Sun-signs in Year 2019!

Yearbook 2019 by Dr. Shanker Adawal

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Sun Sign Aries in 2019
Sun Sign Aries - 2019
Sun Sign Taurus in 2019
Sun Sign Taurus - 2019
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Predictive Trend of Year 2019
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Sun Sign Pisces 2019
Sun Sign Pisces 2019

Dr. Shanker Adawal
Profile: www.connectingmind.com
Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com

Mars: Effects and Remedies

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