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Face Reading through Nakshatras

Nakshatra-based prediction are well known and a minute analysis of the degree of the Planet and Lagna tells many things and sufficiently accurately. Without dwelling on various aspects of Nakshatras, I would just tell you about the face reading-knowledge to be gained with experience and God-gifted institution. Faces become responsible for love marriages and other mutual attractions. Face indicates forehead, cheeks, chin, ears and general shape including that of the nose. What one has to do is to bring the face of the Native in any sign from Aries to Pisces and after knowing the sign, co-relate the characteristics with Lord of the sign i.e. the planet concerned- The Sun, The Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. After that your knowledge about Nakshtra an what type of figure a specially on account of lines in the forehead including baldness. Before processing further, I may mention that I have already test checked the placement of Saturn with reference to some persons who are badly-partially or full. Now about each Nakshtra:

  1. Aswini-ruled by Ketu in Aries ruled by Mars - Head, cerebral hemisphere-Fat, large eyes, short nails, walks very fast- Beautiful countenance-Forehead broad and nose little bigger.
  1. Bharni-ruled by Venus in Aries ruled by Mars - Female have beautiful figure with white teeth though not in proper arrangement. In general, - large forehead, bright eyes, medium size and less hair – also long neck and face.
  1. Kritik Venus a – ruled by Sun in Aries and Taurus ruled by Mars - Middle stature with prominent neck, thick neck but stout, sympathetic eyes, solid built, big shoulders, commanding appearance.
  1. Rohini owned by Moon in Sign Taurus ruled by Venus - Normally slim physique-short and faty persons-at-tractive eyes with magnetic force, appearance beautiful and attractive (some have round face) with well developed mussels.

  1. Mrigsara owned by Mars partly in Taurus ruled by Venus and partly in Gemini ruled by Mercury - Beautiful and stout body, tall, moderate complexion, thin legs but long arms. Some females in this Nakshatra are very beautiful.

  1. Ardra-ruled by Rahu in the sign Gemini ruled by Mercury - Different shapes and structures-slim, short and fat lengthy structures. Female get charming eyes and permanent nose.

  1. Punarvasu owned by Jupiter partly in the Sign in Gemini and partly in Cancer- Mercury and Moon - Ear, throat, shoulder blades. Lone face and handsome, long thigh. Identification mark on face or on the backside of head.

  1. Pushya – owned by Saturn in Cancer ruled by the Moon - Lungs, stomach and ribs. Difficult to describe or define body of Pushya Nakshtra-varying size noticed- Generally medium. Some type of scar on the face or a mole on the fact.

  1. Ashlesha owned by Mercury in Cancer ruled by Moon - Heart and spinal cord-rude appearance but shout body.

  1. Magha ruled by Ketu in Leo ruled by Sun - Prominent neck and hairy body. Mole in the hands or beneath the shoulders. Medium size but innocent looking. Females have long hair.

  1. Purvaphalguni owned by Venus in Leo ruled by Mercury - Stout body-mixed complexion but attractive personality. Snubbeds nose. For females-double chin with medium height.

  1. Uttaraphalguni owned by the Sun in Leo and Virgo - Normally a tall and fat figure. Long nose and a mole on the right side of the neck. For females, medium height soft body but with a bigger nose.

  1. Hasta owned by the Moon in Virgo ruled by Mercury - Tall and stout but short hands-Mixed type of complexion-Mark (scar type) on the upper right hand or beneath the shoulder. Female are very beautiful, attractive with soft body. (Actresses and beauty queen may belong to this Nakshtras).

  1. Chitra ruled by Mars in Virgo and Libra ruled by Mercury and Venus respectively - Lean, stout and tall body-peculiar structure for recognition. Females, beautiful and fleshy. Natural long hair but may go in for hair cut as per modern conditions.

  1. Swati ruled by Rahu in Libra ruled by Venus - Have a look at the feet to know how ankle is rising fleshly body.

  1. Vishakha owned by Jupiter in Libra and Scorpio ruled by Venus and Mars - Round face-bright and attractive appearance both kinds-farty and long structure and other lean and short structure. Woman here are can beautiful and attractive.

  1. Anuradha owned by Saturn in Scorpio ruled by Mars - Normally beautiful face with bright eyes but with malefic influence, native may have cruel looks. Woman have beautiful waist.

  1. Jeyashtha owned by Mercury in Scorpio ruled by Mars - Attractive countenance but with defective teeth-gap or bulging out-woman have curly hair, broad face and height above average.

  1. Mula owned by Ketu in Saggitriurs owned by Jupiter - Good physical appearance with beautiful hands and bright eyes – an attractive person. For women nor black nor white – swarthy in complexion-gaps in teeth.

  1.  Purva – ashade owned by Venus in Saggitriurs owned by Jupiter - Lean and Tall body, long ears with beautiful eyes, narrow waits but arms are long-attractive physical features. Women are beautiful with almond wyes. Long nose and graceful look. Brown colored hair.

  1. Uttarashada owned by Sun in Saggitriurs and Capricorn owned by Jupiter - Tall figure-broad heard, long nose, bright eyes-charming and graceful appearance with fair complexion. Females though stout but may not have beautiful hair, forehead larger and nose longer.

  1. Sravana owned by the Moon in Capricorn ruled by Saturn - Small height but attractive features-peculiar sing on face-mole/mark etc. or black beneath shoulder. Females have prominent nose and distance in teeth, broad facelean and thin.

  1. Dhanisha owned by Mars in Capricorn and Aquarius - Lean body, lenthy figure, some may have stout figure. Female's handsome and ever looking young-inviting appearance with thick lips. In some cases teeth protruding outside lips noticed.

  1. Satbhisha owned by Rahu in Aquarius owned by Saturn - Soft bodies, wide forehead, attractive eyes, prominent nose, buldged abdomen, appear to be aristocrat. Females-fairly handsome, elegant disposition, fleshy lips broad with prominent temples and buttocks.

  1. Purvabhddrapada owned by Jupiter in Aquarius and Pisces ruled by Saturn - Medium size-both in length and body-Broad cheeks with fleshy lips. Females neither fat nor lean-slim and beautiful appearance.

  1. Uttar-bhadrapada owned by Saturn in Pisces ruled by Jupiter - Attractive and innocent looking having magnetically force. Even a middle smile makes the other attractive. Females-medium height with stout body and protruding eyes

  1. Revati owned by Mercury in Pisces ruled by Jupiter - Very good physic-moderately tall and fair complexion. Females are also very beautiful and can be recognized for magnificent personality. Face is the index of man. I have tried to give you insight to the potentionalities of the native with reference to Nakshtra.

Dr. Shanker Adawal,

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