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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Fructification of Events, Chapter XI, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

11.4 Theory of Double Transit

11.4.1 All the events that take place during a native’s lifetime are destined and indicated by planets; first as per their dasha pattern and then according to transit. The transit of major/ show moving planets (Saturn & Jupiter) plays an important role in happening of any/ all major events in a native’s life like profession, marriage, birth of progeny or death. Jupiter, the Devaguru, is Jeeva, the life force and the Saturn is the force sustaining life. The Saturn in transit must influence the relevant house and/ or its lord, in order to clear the way for the event to take place. Then Jupiter, in transit, must bless the same house and/ or its lord to stamp its approval to confer/ deliver the desired results. This is called “Double transit of Saturn & Jupiter”.

11.4.2 After ascertaining, happening of an event, the transit of fast moving planets- Sun & Moon, can be applied for accurate timing of the event. The Sun represents soul & vitality and the Moon the body & mind of the native. In transit, Sun indicates the month of the event and Moon, the day of the event to occur.

11.5 Example Chart No. 8: Shri Jai Prakash Narrain

The native was a great socialist leader and national hero during 1970s. He had dasha Chhidra of Mercury-Mercury w.e.f 21st Aug 1974. Mercury was functional malefic being lord of 3rd & 12th house and was retrograde in Nakshtra of and conjunct with Rahu and aspected by Yogkaraka Neech-Bhanga Mars placed in lagna. Mercury, in 4th from lagna and in 10th from Moon, made him very learned, determined & popular leader. His afflicted Apoklim (3, 6, 9 & 12) houses gave him bad health in old age. With the advent of Mercury dasha, he raised cry for revolution against misrule of Mrs Indira Gandhi. On 26th Jun 1975, during Mercury-Mercury-Moon, when transiting Saturn was in exact opposition with natal Saturn, aspecting 6th lord Jupiter by 10th aspect and the Moon transited exactly on natal Moon, he was put behind bars by Central government under infamous Emergency. Rahu was in Nakshtra of and aspected by Yogkaraka Mars placed conjunct in 4th house. Therefore as soon as the Pratyantar dasha of Rahu came, Rahu in transit passed over his natal Mercury and Saturn over natal Mars, he was released from jail on 26th Nov 1976. He became a national hero by inspiring and getting together the entire opposition under one party called “Janata Party” which formed the government at Centre in Mar 1977, ousting Mrs Gandhi & her Congress. This was considered a miracle at that time. At that time, both Saturn & Jupiter aspected 10th house of name & fame, confirming theory of double transait.

He died on 8 Oct 1979. At that time the running dasha was Mercury-Ketu with Mercury on natal Mercury and Ketu in 8th house, while transiting. Transit Mars was exactly on lagna and transit Rahu-Ketu was in 2/8 axis. Besides, Saturn as 8th lord & Jupiter conjoined Rahu in Leo aspecting 8th house. Jupiter transiting in 9th from natal Saturn and in 8th from natal Moon generates only evils. Transiting Saturn in 8th from natal Moon was giving evil the results of Astham Shani. So many malefic transits killed him.

11.6 Conclusion

The basic promise of any event is indicated by the planetary disposition in a natal chart. The strength of planets as assessed by their placement, conjunction of & aspect by other planets and presence of various yogas as confirmed in relevant divisional chart confirm the promise. However, the dasha system is a useful indicator of the time for fructification of any event. But the final delivery of promise or occurrence of a particular event can only be seen by transit of concerned planets. However, it must be remembered that the transit is subservient to dasha system. The theory of double transit by Saturn and Jupiter provides the final icing on the cake.

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