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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit and Ashtakvarga, Chapter IV, Part - 12

Dr. Shanker Adawal

4.5 Planetary Ashtavargas

4.5.1 In the Bhinnashtak of Sun, multiply the Srothriya Bindu of Sun by dots (before either reductions) in the 9th house from Sun. Divide the product by 27 and note the balance figure. Now count the Nakshtra from Aswani in case a native is born in bright half of lunar month and from Jyestha in case of birth of dark half. When Saturn transits through this Nakshtra or its triangular Nakshtra, there will be danger to the father/ paternal uncles of the native.

4.5.2 In the Bhinnashtak of Moon, the dots from Moon should be multiplied by Srothria Bindu and divided by 27. The balance will show the Nakshtra, which when transited by Saturn will indicate danger to the mother of the native.

4.5.3 In the Bhinnashtak of Mars, 3rd place from Mars should be taken into consideration for finding out the death of the brother of the native. The number of dots in 3rd place from Mars denotes the number of younger siblings.

4.5.4 In Bhinnashtak of Mercury, the dots in 4th place from Mercury when transited by Saturn should be considered for determining loss of friends, uncle and education. Where as the transit of Jupiter on the sign arrived at, will favour education and new acquaintances.

4.5.5 In Bhinnashtak of Jupiter, the dots in the 5th from Jupiter should be considered for finding out the Nakshtra, which when transited by Saturn shows dangers to children and when transited by Jupiter favour birth of children. The number of dots in the 5th house from Jupiter or Lagna (whichever ids stronger) will show the number of children.

4.5.6 In Bhinnashtak of Venus, 7th place from Venus should be taken into account for determination of the time of danger to wife or the of marriage. The transit by Jupiter normally favours marriage.

4.5.7 In Bhinnashtak of Saturn, the 8th from Saturn should be considered for determination of serious illness or death of the native.


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