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A Guide to Palmistry: The Hands, Chapter II, Part – 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Square Type

We now come to the Square-fingered Hand (Fig. 2), which is the most useful type of all, because the owner has many of the qualities of the Spatulate-such as perseverance and love of ruling, and yet is able and willing to obey.

The fingers of this hand need not be square at the tips. They will be found planed at the sides; the fingers of which are truly four-sided, somewhat smooth with the lower knuckles and the knot of Philosophy (q.v.) developed. The nails are rather short (here is argument, self-defence, always ready), the thumb is obstinate, but with a tactful “waist” on it.

These fingers, I am of the belief, indicate obedience to authority and to polite requests, to orders from those entitled to give them, but they will resent interference from interlopers. They will not make a disturbance, however, because they detest a fuss, but will grumble while they accede. They are punctual and cannot bear unpunctuality; their love for outward neatness and politeness and social observance is marked and general. They like others to be polite, civil and respectful as they are and dislike brusque manners. They sometimes judge people by appearances and manner, unfavourably for unpunctuality, coarseness of speech, and impolite or rough behaviour. Appearances are with such fingers, or their possessors, nearly everything and as they do not always act up to this rule themselves, through some imaginative or artistic vein in the character they are sometimes thought hypocritical and are, in fact, inconsistent, if the fingers be smooth.

But the truly square-fingered man with knotted fingers is tidy, orderly, truthful, and obedient to authority even if he dislikes the ruler. He obeys the law-not the man. This is generally the case with all square-fingered types, whose possessors are peculiarly sensitive to recognized authority, law, and order and will rather walk a mile than cross a forbidden field as a trespasser. One may be induced to cross, but he would rather not be seen doing so by a stranger.

Order is the first law with the Square-tipped, but the amount of order varies. The smooth-fingered type will know where his books, papers, shirts, collars, handkerchiefs, etc. are and will find the particular article he requires in the dark; but often the drawer, or the table is littered and mixed up to all appearance, in the individual’s own apartment. But in his reception rooms, in all outward appearance, he is neat and tidy.

So  he dresses neatly, and looks well dressed even in old clothes, because he is tidy and careful with them. He may and does wear jewellery but is not ostentatious in its display. His taste in dress is quiet and “gentlemanly,” deferential to the old and to ladies, respectful in manner, courteous and will have things “just so.” A muddy dress, splashed boots, an untidy glove, dirty cloak or gown he longs to have cleaned or mended, and will pick threads from a skirt in his desire for tidiness. The individual cannot help doing it and at times, with all his observance of etiquette and his desire that others should observe it, he will involve people in risky situations when his personal feelings are concerned-not from selfishness or rancor, or any wish to compromise the other, but he is simply carried away by impulse which he will repair by the most diplomatic cunning if suspected. Nevertheless he would condemn himself later, and condemn another who had acted in the same way and who  had been discovered.

There is, therefore, in the smooth-square type of finger, with a palm showing a sloping head-line, some finesse and double-facedness. Yet, curiously enough, such people cannot willingly acknowledge this soft impeachment.

The real large, square hand is the best and most useful if it be knotted, and not inclined to any artistic type. This hand makes its owner regular and punctual at meals, orderly, neat, tidy, polite, and respectful to authority, truthful and just; not romantic.

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