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Today's Astral Energy

The astrological read of TODAY'S ENERGY based on my analysis of MOON and THE MOVEMENTS/ANGLES of planets - August , 25, 12 - With MARS AND SATURN impacting I feel those who did not exercise caution yesterday and fed there insecurities will tend to loose the BALANCE of things / acts . A day when you must use your energies positively and get that mood of being lazy away. I also sea that in relationships on should exercise caution with bases instincts. If possible do not close property deals today.

Thought Of The Day - Stop and think - school - education - job - marriage - child - struggles - momentary rushes of happiness - this has been life we are so proud off - most of these are situations that we have dealt with - they make us so dependent on the EXTERNAL WORLD & FACTORS that we loose touch with ourselves - view situations as a spectator connected with your inner self and that will be the beginning of a happy & peaceful internal journey and our road to spirituality/ God / seeking. Introspect on this and that is also MEDITATION. Have a great weekend. Affectionately,

Shanker Adawal

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