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Planets, Signs and Houses: Zodiacal Signs Described and Attributes of Various Ascendant and Signs, Chapter III, Part - 35


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Capricorn Ascendant – Sign in Houses

Capricorn Ascendant, Such people are generally of low taste, unless Saturn or the Ascendant has the relieving aspect etc. of benefic like Jupiter. They are also generally harsh of speech. They rise in life slowly. If Saturn is strong they are long lived. They are fond of people in the lower strata of society, and often gain from land farming etc.

Aquarius in the Second House. If Aquarius falls in the second house the man has a harsh speech. He earns by dint of his own labour. If Saturn is strong he is wealthy and respected. His mother has a good number of elder sisters. His wife lives long. If Saturn is weak, he loses financially through his own fault and wrong judgement. His mother has death of elder sisters.

Pisces in the Third House. Jupiter becomes the lord of the 3rd and the 12th houses both bad. Hence if Jupiter is weak, it creates “Vipreet Raja Yoga” and gives good riches. If Jupiter is strong, the native is blessed with younger brothers. If Jupiter is in the 9th house, the native moves in the company of saints. If Jupiter is aspected or influenced by malefic planets, the native suffers losses and expenses at the hands of his younger brothers.

Aries in the Fourth House. If Aries falls in the 4th house Mars becomes the lord of the 4th and the 11th houses. If Mars is strong it is instrumental in the acquisition of property and gain there from. It creates anger in the mind. Judged from the 4th house the planets lord of a particular house become also the lord of the same number of signs as well, with the result that if any planet is weak and afflicted, it points towards trouble in the limb of the mother of the native in the part represented by the number of signs afflicted. If Mars is strong it indicates long life for the mother of the native. If on the other hand, Mars is weak and afflicted it indicates short life to her. The nature of influence being exerted on Mars, the 4th house and the 11th house will determine the mode of death of the mother of the native.

Taurus in the Fifth House. Venus becomes the yoga Karaka as it then becomes the lord of the 5th (trine) and the 10th (Angle) houses, and gives nice results in regard to affluence power etc. The son of the native is instrumental for the performance of good and charitable deeds by the father. Venus also ensures the possession of good power of advising others. If on the other hand Venus is weak and afflicted, it gives very little gain in its sub period. The native somehow performs unbecoming deeds as a result of the instigation etc. of his son. The native is also opposed to the govt, of the day in his assessment about the govt.

Gemini in the Sixth House. Mercury becomes the lord of the 6th and the 9th houses. If Mercury is strong the native has quite a number of younger brothers to his mother. If Mercury is weak and afflicted contrary is the case, and the career of the native is impaired through his enemies. He suffers at the hands of labourers, servants and the like. If both Mercury and Jupiter are afflicted by the influence of malefic planets, like Mars the life of the elder brother of the native is cut short, for the reason that the 6th house is the house of the longevity of the 11th (elder brother), and malefic influence on Jupiter and Mercury means such influence on the lord of the house of longevity of the elder brother as well as on the significator of the elder brother.

Cancer in the Seventh House. If Moon and Venus both occupy even signs and are well aspected, the native gets a beautiful wife full of feminine charm, A strong Moon away from the Sun, of course indicates long life for the wife. If Moon is in the 12th house one is fond of luxuries and sex.

Leo in the Eighth House. Sun becomes the lord of the 8th house. The Sun does not suffer from the defect of the ownership of the 8th house. In other words Sun if strong bestows wealth and honour in its Dasa and sub-period. The mode of death (suicide, accident, violence etc.) should be determined from the nature of the influence being received by the 8th house and Sun.

Virgo in the Ninth House. Mercury becomes the lord of the 9th and the 6th house. Since the Mooltrikona sign of Mercury falls in the 9th house it gives more of benefic results relating to the 9th house than malefic results relating to the 6th house. The native is unexpectedly brought into contact with people of foreign countries. One’s career is linked to i.e., made or marred by one’s uncles represented by the 6th house. If Mercury is in the Ascendant one is highly religious, provided, of course, if Mercury is well aspected etc. A strong Mercury in the Ascendant brings about sudden pleasurable results in regard to wealth etc. when Rahu or Ketu is situated in the 9th house.

Libra in the Tenth House. Venus becomes the lord of the 10th angle and the 5th trine house. As such Venus acts as a Raja Yoga Karaka planet and confers much power and affluence on the native. One is competent to render sound advice to the govt. on appropriate matters. Unless Venus is extremely weak, it gives always wealth and power in its Dasa and sub-period.

Scorpio in the Eleventh House. Mars in this case becomes the lord of the 4th house and as such does not remain a malefic planet. But since it is also the lord of the 11th house it again becomes a malefic planet according to the principles laid down by Maharshi Parashar. Hence Mars in its sub-period would give bad results. But these results, in our opinion are adverse only in so far as health is concerned, so far as the finances are concerned the results are not bad and the native may stand to gain in money matters, particularly if Mars is strong, in which case Mars is instrumental in procuring for the native property and houses. If Mars together with Saturn influences a house its lord and it’s significator the native commits violence on the person denoted by the house afflicted by them. The reason for such an action on the part of the native is that Saturn becomes the lord of the Ascendant and as such represents the self of the man, and Mars being the lord of the 11th house represents the arms of the native i.e., again the self of the native. Malefic Mars and Saturn would in these circumstances give premeditated and deliberate action. For example if both Saturn and Mars aspect Venus and the Moon, the man would be deadly against his wife and may even go to the length of murdering her.

Sagittarius in the Twelfth House. Jupiter will give the effects of the 3rd house, as the second sign of the lord of the 12th house would fall in that house. Hence Jupiter in its Dasa and sub-period will not give much wealth. If Jupiter is strong one benefits through his younger brothers. He also gains through his friends. His friends are a good lot.


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