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Charms Talismans and Spells: Happy Married Life, Chapter XI, Part - 1

Chapter No. 11

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Our sages were visionaries to advice the forthcoming generation to prevent various kinds of miseries, mishaps and maladies of married life. We have a wide experience of the subject of curative measures and preventive art. We will be giving here various mantras, fasts, talismans which can certainly prevent them, provided these remedial measures are followed properly with correct pronunciation, absolute faith, dedication and Satwik living along with honesty and loyalty towards spouse is must for their efficacy.

Tips for happy married life

1. At night keep some water under the bed and throw it respectfully in the morning (other than in toilet etc.). This will save one from mischief of Rahu (conflicts, quarrels, dishonor, disease, false allegation, litigations).

2. If one partakes of food in the kitchen itself, it will save one from evil effects/mischief of Rahu and give benefic effect of Mars-Rahu together.

3. If Rahu or Mercury or posited in House No. 11 of the native then the groom would be cause of his father-in-law.

4. If some one have Saturn and Rahu are posited in House No. 7 then neither their married life is good nor they are blessed with progeny. Such native should not fry almonds, coconut or any of the dry fruits in the pan in the evening on Thursday. They should not make friend Brinjal on that day.

5. If Sun and Venus are posited in house No. 7 the married life would be disturbed. The health of the lady would not be good. In such case, when health is not good male should donate jawar (an Indian corn) equal to his weight in a temple; after engagement either of bride or groom should give up eating jaggery.

6. If the male is having Venus in fourth house then he would have curse of two women. To ward off the same the native should marry his wife twice after changing her name.

7. If Venus, Mercury and Rahu are conjoined then the person will have illicit relations. The couple will not be blessed with progeny especially when all the planets are posited in House No. 1. To ward off this evil the native should cut four kgs. Of potatoes and cut them into two pieces. Now mix them with curd and on any Friday flow them in flowing water or take two types of fruits from two shops and distribute them among forty three girls on Friday in equal number or recite Gayatri mantra or bring a bottle full of water from any cremation ground. Any of the remedy could be done.

8. In acute malefic results, if couple remarries themselves twice after a gap of some period secretly, Venus will be favourable. Marriage between same couple is donated and not with any other man or woman.

9. Mercury and Rahu combining in houses 3, 8, 9, or 12 of the groom are also inauspicious for the bride’s family.

10. Once a month, one should make a few sweet breads (more then the number of family members and usual monthly number of guests/visitors) and serve them to animals. This will ensure peace of family life and save one from family quarrels disease and unproductive expenses.

11. Planets inimical to Venus (Rahu, Sun, Moon) if posited in House No. 7 or Moon or Saturn are conjoined or Moon is posited with Mercury then there are chances of divorce then on the day of marriage she should resolute for the remedies of these planets.

12. Saturn in 11th house makes the native desert his wife and children in young age, whereas Saturn in the boy’s 2nd house proves inauspicious for the bride’s family.

13. To give a part of one’s meal to cow, crows and dog will lay the foundation of happy married life.

14. The groom is likely to be casnnova and may destroy his wealth in that, if the planetary positions are as follows:

(a) Sun in 6th and Mars in 10th with the afflicted 12th house.

(b Moon in ascendant and Jupiter in 11th house.

(c) Jupiter and Venus in 10th house.

15. Venus and Ketu together in ascendant make the native impotent.

16. When Ketu is conjoined with Sun, moon mars and mercury and may be posited in any house and are malefic to a lady, then her parents should donate silver. They should also give food to hundred dogs in one day from Sin rise to Sun set.

17. If Venus is posited in House No. 9 and marriage solaminised at the age of 25 then it would be inauspicious.


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