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Vastu Shastra: Vastu Remedies, Chapter X, Part - 8


Dr. Shanker Adawal

3. There should not be a stair or wall in front of the main gate.

4. There should not be a pillar in front of the main door. It is a Vastu defect as per the cannons of the Feng Shui. Feng Shui advises that a mirror should be installed on the pillar at the point which is visible to the native. Some creeper should be planted near to it so that it should climb up the pillar or a thing like creeper should be folded around the pillar.

5. Fix horse shoe of a horse at the main gate of the house but it should be taken into notice that your house should not be in north-west direction. By fixing in this direction you are making your metallic element stronger. If this element is required then it is considered very auspicious.

6. There should not be a mirror on the entrance of the gate or just at the entrance because it would reflect the positive energy from entering from the home. Of course, if there is any obstruction at the entrance then fix a Pakua mirror which would certainly be auspicious.

7. Doors in a row in house are not considered good as per Feng Shui because it is not in a condition to contain the spiritual energy created in your home and pave way for negative energy. To check this one should fix crystal ball or wind chimes in the middle of the doors.

8. Main door should be bigger then the back door otherwise the “chi” will not remain in the home and would leave from the back door.

9. House near to any religious place is considered inauspicious; especially the shadow of the flag on the temple gives inauspicious results. If you are purchasing such house then abandon your idea. You can construct your house in the east or north-east direction of the temple.

10. The doors of the house should open inside and should not be noisy while opening or closing them. The sound emanating from the door is not considered good in Feng Shui.

11. If there is any structural beam in the house and if the native is sleeping beneath it, it is not considered good for the health. The part which is lying under it would face medical problem. For this purpose the native is advised to use bamboo flute for this purpose.

12. If you want prosperity in your house then use the tri-power articles on the main door of your house. It would not allow the negative energy to enter your house.

13. The northern direction in your house is considered the place of money. Hence, it is advised that to get more riches decorate this direction with water fountain. If possible place an aquarium in this direction. The house will not face any financial problems in future.

14. Mirrors in South, West, South-East, North-West, South-West is not considered auspicious. If any, remove it immediately.

15. Mirror in the bed room is not auspicious. Water should not be kept in the bed room; it would create difference of opinion among the couple.

16. There should not be two mattresses in the bedroom of couples. According to Feng Shui separate mattress creates differences between husband and wife.

17. There should be a solid wall behind the person either in office or place of work. If this is not possible then place a photograph depicting mountains or rocks whose summit is not of triangle shape. This remedy could be done by those people who are transferred out very frequently.

18. The person in business should make their office in such a manner that they can keep an eye on all employees and the main door of the office.

19. Presence of water and mirror is considered inauspicious, may it be room of a hotel or of home.

20. If some one is lacking self confidence in him or people from outside are not helpful to him then he should hang wind chime rods on the north-west side of the room.

In fact, from our Vedas & other ancient scriptures, many foreigners from East and Western countries have translated them, understood the inner meanings and have helped people in discovering the basic rules to add peace, prosperity & happiness in our lives. We have also propagated their Feng Shui all over the world whereas our Vastu Shastra has hardly crossed our continent.

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