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Vastu Shastra: Internal Planning of the House, Chapter VI, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Pooja Room

There is a general practice that people make their pooja room either in kitchen or bed room. It is a wrong practice and it should not either be in kitchen or in the bedroom. As told earlier it should be in North East direction and the idols should be in the East or West direction. The idols should not face the South and its location should not be above, below or next to the toilet/kitchen. The doors and windows should be in the North or the East direction. Place of lamp (diya) should be in the South-East or East corner. Women should not enter the worship room during their menses period. The fire place (havan Kund) should be in the South-East direction. While performing havan offerings to the fire should be made while facing towards East.

The showcases and almirah should be towards the western or the southern wall. Scenes from the holy wars (except the gita sermon by lord Krishna in Mahabharta), photographs of birds and animals (including the Goddess Durga sitting on lion in roaring position) should not be depicted. The idol should not be exactly in front of the entrance gate. It should preferably have a threshold and should not be in a desecrated form. They should not be kept at a place obtained by a metal tool with a sharp beveled edge off the wall or touching the wall. They should be kept at least an inch away from the wall. It should not be used as store and have a two shuttered wooden door not made of the Gum Arabi tree or any inferior quality of wood. In the upper half of the room there should be space for proper ventilation.

Sl. No.







For idol, door and windows




For Almirah, showcase and platform




For idol door and windows




For idol, door and windows




For idol


South East


For switch board and electric items




For Windows




For almirahs, showcase and platform

Living/Drawing Room

The slope of the flooring of the living room should be in the East or in the North and the doors should not be in the South- East or the South-West direction. Doors in eastern and the western direction are very auspicious for the living room. The internal furniture, show cases and other heavy articles should be in the West or in the South direction. The sitting arrangement of the head of the family should be facing the East or in the North direction. As far as possible TV should not be in the North-East or the South-West corner. It should be in the South-East corner. If it is in the North-West corner a lot of precious time is lost. If the T.V. is in the South-West corner frequent breakdowns are expected. The telephone should not be in the South-West or the North-West corners. It should be in the East or in the South-East or in the North. The Indian style sitting arrangement should be in the East, the West or the North. It is better if the portraits of the God or water falls are hung in the North-East corner. Stuffed animals should be in the North-West corner. The colour of the walls and the tiles used in this room should be white, yellow, blue or green. As far as possible it should not be red or black. Portraits of angry birds, animals, women, weeping children, scenes from the wars etc. should not be displayed in the room. Furniture of this room should not be circular, triangular, egg shaped, hexagonal or odd shapes. It should be square or rectangular. Due to paucity of land, if the furniture is to be kept in the East or in the North direction, it should not be in the direct contact with the flooring. It should be light and hollow and placed on base 1 to 3 inches above the floor. The ceiling of this room, if slanting towards the East or the North, is good. The cooler should be in the West/North West/East and not in the southeast direction. In the modern architecture the height of the living room is more up to double than that of the other rooms. There is no harm in doing so. However, the staircase should be in the South, the West or the South-West corner of the room.


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