Some very important and tested facts in Astrology

mercury retrograde GIF by GIPHY Studios OriginalsAmong other principles, it is known and accepted principle of Astrology that the Sun is exalted in Aries ruled by Mars and the Deep exaltation degree is 10 degree of Aries. It is also a fact that unless the horoscope is otherwise weak, the native born with Sun in Aries is bound to get the high-powered authority including that of the king with name and fame as the Sun himself becomes the representative of all nobility and royalty. It may not be possible of other planets in exaltation but in order to lend support to the scientific validity of Astrology, it would suffice to say that the following Notable Persons had Sun in Aries.

We have innumerable yoga, combinations principles etc. for all matters and most of them work in the present-day also though these principles were coined in the ancient time. In the books, reference comes to acquision of elephants/horses etc. but they have to be applied to the modern times and we will say that the native may have a big car and even an aero plane etc. in view of the limited space, 

only few of the principle are mentioned below:

 A) Intuitive Power- Jupiter in the 5th or 9th house from Lagna (Ascendant) confers high intuitive powers if the native, in addition, becomes the worshipper of Lord Shiva and also recite His Mantras. Jupiter in Lagna itself may also do some help.

B) Profession – The Sun and The Moon in opposition i.e. the Sun in the Xth  house and are capable of causing professional changes (change in authority etc. once in seven years).

C) Marriage and married life.

Disappointment in married lie is indicated when Venus joins Rahu/Ketu/Mars in Leo. Great misfortune is indicated either on account of separation or death of spouse.

Retrograde planets in the 4th house form Venus may create some pitfalls in married life.

The seventh Lord in Virgo may give a defying wife.

Venus in opposition to Mars say Venus in the seventh house and Mars in Lagna, or vice-versa, will produce far-reaching complications (including of character assassination) in marital life.

D) Worries on account of children.

If the fifth and eighth house are simultaneously occupied by powerful malefic, there will be insurmountable difficulties/worries on account of children.

A retrograde planet in fourth house from Jupiter will not give desired happiness from children.

E) Unfortunate year – Jupiter's transit on Natal Rahu in Sagittarius or Pisces will bring misfortune or disadvantage in that year. In 1996, the Jupiter was in Sagittarius (both in Direct and Retrograde motion). Please check placement of Rahu in birth chart and be careful.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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