Know About Zodiac Signs: Scorpio (Virischik), Chapter 8, Part - 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

The Scorpio Man

Whenever one will talk about a Scorpio, one of the basic personality traits that come to mind will be passion. The same will be true for a Scorpio man too. He will be intensely passionate about everything around him, including love. From out side he will look totally calm and composed but when it will be looked beneath that outer layer of his, one will find his smoldering passion. A Scorpio man will have a magical charm surrounding him, which will automatically draw people towards him. He will be both, secretive and enigmatic – reasons enough for people to feel awed I his presence. The only aspiration which a Scorpio male lives for will be the revolution of his mate, society, his work experiences and, most of all, himself. While he will be in total control of himself almost all the time, it will be the presence of a female which can make his legs go shaky. A Scorpio male will crave for adventure and thrill in his life. He will be a strong, sexy and extremely sensitive man. It will not matter whether he is tall, dark, and handsome or short, blond, and chubby, he will always have the power to capture heart of the females by his intense looks. They will be in the extreme and can either be idealistic, passionate and loyal or unfaithful till death. Such individuals will live for only two things in life – power and control. Money will motivates him, not for its value, but the power it will offer. He will be a moody, jealous, possessive, and sarcastic personality.

If a woman manages to go close to him, she will be rewarded with a warm fire that will ensure her that she will never be left cold again. Once she will have glanced into the piercing, hypnotic eyes of a Scorpio male, she will never again be totally neutral towards him. His characteristics profile will be an odd mix of intellect, philosophy, emotions and passion. He will love luxury and tend to indulge in excesses, in case of food, drinks and love. Scorpio men will be the most passionate about love and romance. They will never be caught in it unawares. They will know about it since the time they have learned how to talk. Even the most innocent looking Scorpio man will always be filled with passion inside. His temper should not be arouse otherwise a furious Scorpio man can give life long scars, especially when he will be hurt. He will have to win in each and every aspect of life and failure will break something inside him. Yet, he will display perfect sportsmanship and never even let anyone that defeat has bothered him.

Most probably, a Scorpio man will keep a girl tortured before proposing her. If a woman or a girl is involved with such a man, it will be better for her to ensure that your reputation is spotless. He will never ever go in for a girl who is ludicrous or shameless. Gossip will seldom interest him and he will be hardly bothered by other people’s opinions. He will know what he is and what they say or think and it will hardly make a difference. Forget strangers, even the views of his friends or relatives will not matter. He will be one of those who will marry his girl even if the entire world is against her. Once he will become close to her and formed an opinion about, her, no one in the world can sway him. Honesty, sincerity, guts and reliability will be ingrained in a Scorpio male. He will never indulge in self-pity and envying someone beyond him. He will love to solve mystery and she will be probed deeper and deeper till all the secrets have come out. He will be very choosy with friends, so she can imagine what he will do in case of a lover. It will be like going through an X-ray machine. Once he will made up his mind that you are the one, he will drown her in his passion. He will be a combination of a caveman and a sophisticated prince, but will never display his emotions in public.

As Scorpio men will be jealous and possessive to the extreme one should not even think of teasing him. He will erupt like a volcano. On the other hand, she may get plenty of reasons to be jealous. There will be hardly any person on this earth who can resist the magnetic personality of a Scorpio. She should always remember that the term loyalty will be synonymous with Scorpio and how much he charms the other women; he will remain dedicated to her only. If a girl will have the courage and patience,  his touch will be as cool as ice and his passion as hot as molten lava. He will take her along with him and she will see the world like never before. If she manages to understand him, he will become the most kind, considerate, loving and selfless man in this world; and she will have a husband most women only dream about.

As a father, Scorpio man will demand discipline, respect for elders and independence from his children. His wife may, have to teach him how to display his emotions and be tender towards them. In this case also, she will have to act with tact and diplomacy and should never try to dictate him about how he should behave with his children. He will also be very passionate about his children and will love them with bottom of his heart but will not tolerate any nonsense done by them.

Unlike what people prefer to believe, a Scorpio male will not be a sex crazy. He will be just extremely passionate in the bedroom and expects the same from his partner. Scorpio will love emotional intensity in all forms, and will have enormous inner strength to handle anything they may find. Good, bad or ugly, they will save the emotions, and in many ways will be the most `human’ of all the zodiac signs for doing so but he will also be highly jealous, intuitive, mysterious, obsessive and compulsive person amongst all the zodiac signs. |So this is a powerful sign; dark, moody, `real’, and infinitely sexy. Scorpios will be very skilled at relating to others, and as such can be very good friends and emotional healers. It’s a one way mirror however – highly secretive, covert and subtle, he will prefer to not let others see what’s really going on inside himself. To go off at a slight tangent for a moment, it’s interesting to note that the scorpion is unique among the other zodiac animals in many ways aside of the obvious poison/sting. For example, it’s capable of killing itself, in preference to being killed, is nocturnal, photophobic, (a `sixth sense’ used by spiders etc. to avoid predators), they also shed their skin multiple times in a life cycle. All of these have direct parallels with Scorpio behavior and personality.

Unlike any other male of any other astrology sign and he will be so unique that a lot can be written about him. The main difference is that like the Scorpio woman, instead of presenting a powerful feminine fore, the Scorpio man will presents a strong masculine, sexual force. It will be very easy to seduce a Scorpio man and take home for the night but it will be much harder to form a real relationship with him. The Scorpio man will be very sensitive and feel lonely and unfulfilled, but he will never let a woman to know this fact. If a female want a affectionate to him behind closed doors and appeal to his emotions only, and not attempt to lead him on because he will see this and never forgive her. Toying with a Scorpio male will be an unwise move. He will be jealous and possessive and will never allow a woman to control him. She should allow him to take the lead because the Scorpio male will be truly a fascinating person and can never go wrong when he will plan something. Scorpio men will be very moody and their moods will change like a pendulum on a clock. Scorpio men will always proved an excellent protector and any female who will understand his behavior and feeling will always feel safe under his radiating, passionate and energetic power.


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