Know About Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Virshav), Chapter 2, Part - 16

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Zodiac Yantra for Taurus Sign


Person having Taurus ascendant or Moon sign should worship above yantra. This yantra should to be carved on a perfect square gold or copper plate on Friday and then it is to be filled with Asthgand or can be written on bhojpatra by Asthgand, with the help of stylus (kalam) made by wood of pomegranate.

Native should recital following mantra while worshipping above yantra in early morning for getting maximum good results and benefic effect of sign as well as its lord Venus.

Om Gopalaya Uttardvajaya Namah!!

Venus Yantra


In Astrology Venus is considered the significator of all materialistic happiness like vehicles, luxuries, sex and conjugal happiness, spouse etc. The native having Venus placed in its exalted sign Pisces or 12th house from Moon or ascendant or there is retrogate Venus in horoscope, he would certainly be interested towards all these things and opposite sex. If Venus is weak then the native will have ambition to get all these but would have a lot of problems in the way of success to get them. He might have physical problems like tetanus, diabetes, pre-ejaculation etc.

Worshipping Venus yantra with specific mantras may reduce his Venus related problems a lot. This yantra should to be carved on a perfect square gold or copper plate on Friday and then it is to be filled with Asthgand or can be written on Bhojpatra by Asthgand, with the help of stylus (kalam) made by wood of pomegranate.

Following mantra of Venus should be recited facing towards east direction for propitiating the planet Venus.

||The Venus Mantra||

Om draam dreem droom sah Om bhur bhuva swah Om annatparisruto rasm brahmana vyapibatakshtram payha somam prajapatihi|

Riteen satyamindrayam vipaan goong sukramandh indersayeinderyeemidm payomritam madhu|
Om swah bhuva bhuva bhuhu Om sah droom dreem draam sukrayee namah||

||Beej Mantra of Venus||

Om draam dreem droom sah Shukrya Namah||

||Shukra Gayatri Mantra||

Om bhreguvamshjataya vidmahe shevatvahanaya dhimahi tannoh kavihi prachodayat||


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