Know About Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Virshav), Chapter 2, Part - 9

Dr. Shanker Adawal

A boy of Taurus sign will always be his mum’s favorite and the girl will always be her daddy’s dearest. The boy will be totally masculine, while the girl will be totally feminine. Some of the Taurus girls may turn out to be tomboys. However, they will still have all the charms of a female to call upon whenever they want. A Taurus child often comes across as more capable and proficient than the other children.

He will also be much more emotionally secure than other children, without showing even the slightest traces of impulsiveness. He may become a little hesitant and negative at some times, but will be free quite calm, cheerful and will maintain his composure till he is pushed to the limits against his will. There will be nothing unpredictable about his behavior. In fact, he will be more mature than almost all the other children. He enjoys company, but will become uncomfortable if he is made the center of attention. Vices like rudeness, attitude and insolence do not match with his characteristics profile. However, nothing should be forced on a Taurus child. He hates being bullied into something. If some genuine love and affection is shown, he will easily follow what he was vigorously denying only few minutes back. Taurus children respond to common sense and logic. They want the straight forward and exact truth. Only practical and reasonable explanations can move them.

Soothing colors and sounds always have a positive effect on a Taurus child. He will also likely to have interest in creative arts like painting, sculpture, designing etc. He will be very sincere in his studies, good at memorizing, have excellent concentration powers and be extremely hard working. He does not have a rebellious nature and will dutifully adhere to whatever you say, as long as your tone is sweet not scathing. A Taurus baby may take a little more time to learn the facts, but has a very sharp memory and will remember the details throughout his life.

Babies born under this sign will not follow the orders however their hearts can be win by giving them love and affection. It will be the best to soften his heart by love. Both Taurus boys and Taurus girls are very dedicated to their loved ones and will go to any extent to help them. All they need is a cozy, comfortable home, where they are nurtured with love and care. If they are surrounding with positive people and positive environment, they will help in being contented. The Bull, symbol of the sign clearly indicate that the babies born under this sign will be stubborn and dependable, and are blessed with a bullish steadiness. Therefore it becomes necessary that they must be taught that truthfulness and allegiance to law is above all other things. These babies may be selfish, and when permitted to have their own way, become very unyielding and indifferent to the trouble. A tremendous amount of vitality pertains to this sign, and overeating often causes much trouble.

As a rule, most children born under this sign will be willful and determined, and will have their own way at all hazards. They will have great power of endurance, and will be natural conquerors. They will be very quick to follow the example of older associates, and should be carefully guarded in such respects. Perhaps these little angels may be stubborn but also easily turned aside when governed by a strong and loving hand.

Venus being the ruling planet, these babies may have inclination towards opposite sex in early age and such indulgence has a pernicious effect upon their sex appetites. Early involvement in sex life can be seen in these children and which may be a disaster and ruin their future. They must be taught kindness and sympathy for all domestic animals; cruelty to household pets may end in a wicked desire to destroy human life.


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