Sookshmantar Dasa – Effects Part 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 1
Results of the Sub-Sub-Sub-Periods in the Sub-Sub-Period of Planets
Computation of the Sub-Sub-Sub-Periods:
The Sub-Sub-Period years of a planet be multiplied by the Mahadasa years of each planet separately and the product then be divided by 120 (total of the Mahadasa of all planets), the resultant will indicate the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of each planet.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Periods of Planets, in the Sub-Sub-Period of the Sun:
Results of the Sub-Sub-Sub-Periods of planets in the Sub-Sub-Period of the Sun.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Periods of the Sun in the Sub-Sub-Period of the Sun:
i) Desertion of land (place of stay), apprehension of death, destruction of place, defamation etc.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of the Moon in the Sub-Sub-Period of the Sun:
ii) Devoutness to deity and Brahmins, inclination towards routine work, affection towards friends etc.
Sub-Sub-Sub Period of Mars in the Sub-Sub-Period of the Sun:
iii) Inclination towards sinful deeds, distress on account of ruthless enemies etc.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Rahu in the Sub-Sub-Period of the Sun:
iv) Danger from thieves, fire and poison, breaking of royal emblem (umbrella) in the battle to indicate (defeat), indifference towards pious deeds like religion, charity etc.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Jupiter in the Sub-Sub-Period of the Sun:
v) Felicitation from the Govt. Authority, commendation by the Govt. Authority- administrators (Government officials), blessings of the authorities, solace.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Saturn in the Sub-Sub-Period of the Sun:
vi) Intimidation of the pious persons and Brahmins by the native through theft and other bold actions, desertion of place, mental anguish.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mercury in the Sub-Sub-Period of the Sun:
vii) Acquisition of exotic garments, companionship (sexual connections) with beautiful woman, success at work without paying any attention.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Ketu in the Sub-Sub-Period of the Sun:
viii) Glorification through wife and servants, dissipation of wealth, good relations with the employees (servants) occasionally.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Venus in the Sub-Sub-Period of the Sun:

ix) Comforts from children, friends, wife etc. and acquisition of property of different nature.

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