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Today's Astral Energy

The astrological read of TODAY'S ENERGY based on my analysis of MOON and THE MOVEMENTS/ANGLES of planets - October,  10, 12 -Emotions would dominate and so be careful that you are not rash . Be careful in relationships. I would also warn that you must have a close look today as secretive activities could start. Do not take risk in property. Also be careful with joint finances and legacy issues. Warmly

Thought Of The Day - 10 /10/12 - There is is nothings as being BETRAYED - it is a mind play. Betrayal means that someone did not come up to your expectations or your thought - action/ reaction matrix. Never say you have been betrayed or trust negated - it tantamount to just to your judgement not being correct - best is to SIT TODAY and erase all such conversations - do we have the time for all these conversations - ERASE THEM BY REPETITIVE FOCUSED THOUGHT - treat today as your last day and live that way . Relationships means ACCEPTANCE of the other person in TOTALITY - there is no short cut if you want to be in a positive karmic relationship - i am sure on that. YOUR COMMENTS

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