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The astrological read of TODAY'S ENERGY - August , 6, ,12 - you will want to slip away from issues/situations - the need could be of deciding on - breaking away / reduction/cutting - off and the though you will like to be practical and try balance - the element of secretiveness, negativity and the twists will trouble you - this will apply to some extent today in the areas of life/work that will be prominent today .

Thought Of The Day - The biggest GRACE that has dawned upon us is the - ELECTRONIC GRACE - we are so dependent on BYTES mhz/ghz AND BITS - soon we will be able to turn the BRAIN FREQUENCY waves in a way that THOUGHTS OF ANGER will get converted YOU BECOMING COOL - POISED & CALM- a knob to be turned only - spirituality will have no relevance perhaps - BUT - the most important thing in all religions tell - the POWER OF FREE WILL - THE POWER TO MAKE CHOICE - this has to be developed - this takes to understanding ourselves and observing the MIND - THOUGHT - BODY in a DETACHED way - MEDIATION is observing the THOUGHTS - choosing - ACTING . Easy said but we can start - give yourself a minute to PACK UP & CONNECT WITH THAT ENERGY four times in a day - ANYWHERE - ANYTIME - try - does help.

Dr. Shanker Adawal

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