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Astrology is an alternative or supportive therapy, a handy tool to mitigate problems and help people become better within their parameters, their context.

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Why EAR Diseases? Astrologically Proven fact!

vibrant GIF
    Hindu Vedic Astrology, this Divine Science has answer for all diseases right from the conception of the native. The body of the native is astrologically divided in twelve house and most of you know about them. The 11th house stand for left ear and the 3rd house stand for right ear. Depending on the horoscope of the native trouble will be in either or both ears.
      Diseased or sickly body is also dependent on the horoscope of the native and one of the factors is weak Lagna and Lagna Lord. Every planet has something to may for a particular disease. What is disease? When you are not at ease with reference to any part of the body, you are diseased. The ear trouble and dental trouble are most irritants' for the native.
      Actually, ear, nose and throat go together and even in some cases it has been seen that ear trouble alone is capable for harming brain nerves as all of them are connected inter-se and that is the reason we have separate ENT specialist. Placement of malefics i.e. Mandi, Mars, Rahu, Saturn, Ketu and afflicted Mercury becomes responsible for ear trouble specially when placed in the 3rd/11th house. The Sun also becomes trouble some for ear trouble depending in the strength, aspects on the Sun and conjunction/association of other planets with the Sun.
      Now, we have the following principles with regard to ear trouble:

      1)      If Saturn in 3rd house in with Mandi and has no benefic aspect, the native has nervous trouble in the ear.
      2)      If the Lord of 3rd house is under malefic influence, the trouble to the ear is also indicated. Navamsha may also be seen.
      3)      Hearing power is governed by the ears. If there is benefic in the 3rd house and has the aspect/conjunction of benefic, the native hears sermons on religious and spiritual matters etc. on the other hand if malefic planet is in a malefic sign the hearing is of under variable type including destruction of the hearing power.
      4)      Even according to Phaladeepika, the trouble to the ear should be considered from the 3rd and 11th house. If there is malefic influence on 3rd/11th house, there will be trouble to the ear.
      5)   For a Virgo Lagna, Saturn becomes the Lord of 5th and 6th- the horoscope is moon in Sagittarius, Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in the 9th (trine-well placed) Rahu in 6th, Saturn in 9th house and Ketu in the 12th house. Here in spite of well placed planets in the 9th, Saturn (significator of diseases and lord of 6th) aspects the 11th house and 3rd house, 11th lord the Moon is aspected by Mars, all these factors resulted in operation of the ear twice.

      1. Before processing further, it would be apt to divide the Ear in three parts so far diseases are concerned. The parts are external, middle and internal. So fare diseases of the external, middle and internal. So fare diseases of the external not are concerned, the treatment can be given on the face of it. Any irritation and inflammation in the middle of the year can ultimately lead to deafness for which the astrology has some combinations. Deafness is a major disease but comes under the ear disease. Apart form 3rd house (right ear) and 11th house (left ear) other houses namely 9th, 8th, 6th, 5th and 12th also come in picture when the planets  therein aspect either 3rd or 11th. Some astrologers attribute ear disease for signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces but that may not be true as such unless the totality of the malefic influence is traced to the 3rd/11th house, their lords, aspects on them and the Dasha under which the native is going.

      1. Internal ear disease is the most difficult to diagnose and diagnose become more difficult with involvement of Rahu. Under medical astrology the internal part contains a Cochliar nerve which carries the sound and speech. Any injury to this part can cause Cochliar nerves which carry the sound-sensation to brain and thus causing trouble in sound and speech. Any injury to this part can cause deafness permanently. The other medical term is Mastoid bone and when it becomes diseased, surgical intervention becomes necessary.
      Following principles may be kept in mind where surgical intervention may become necessary:

      1)      When Moon, Mars and Mercury join together either in 3rd or in 11th and Ketu is in 7th from them, Mastoiditis occurs and surgical intervention becomes necessary.
      2)      When Mercury is with the Sun (in close degrees i.e. in Combest position) in the 3rd or 11th and if Mars or Saturn are placed in 7th from them, diseases of internal part occurs and medical surgery becomes inevitable.
      3)      For Gemini or Virgo Lagna, if Mars and Sun combine in the 3rd, 11th, 6th, 9th or 12th, internal part of the ear become diseased. Sun is important for diseases of bones and when the Sun is placed in the 7th from the afflicted house, surgeons' knife come into place.

      However, I caution my all astrologer colleagues that the above combination may shoe improvement by the aspect or other involvement of Jupiter and the disease may not come ore may pass off with little discomfort. Hence the need to make well-guarded predictions after taking into consideration the totality of the horoscope.

      1. I would also now give some more combinations for middle ear discuses :

      1)      If the Moon and Mercury combine with Mars or Saturn in the 3rd or 11th houses, middle ear disease may be predicted for the relevant ear. Benefic aspect on this combination may make the disease as mild or temporary.
      2)      Even simple combination of the Moon and Mercury in 3rd or 11th house apecially when these belong to Mercury i.e. Gemini or Virgo, there may be eatery discharge from the year but no pain.
      3)      When Mars and the Moon combine in 3rd, 11th 5th, 9th, 6th or 12th house, there will be middle ear disease and serve pains as Mars causes inflammation and rupture of tissues or ear drum.
      4)      When the Moon and Mercury combine Aries or Scorpio (3rd or 11th house) pain and pus formation is indicated in the corresponding ear.
      5)      When Mars and Mercury combine in 3rd or 11th house either from Lagna or Chandra Lagna. Middle ear disease is indicated.
      6)      Mars and Saturn in Gemini/Virgo Lagna can cause middle-ear diseases and same results are indicated even from Chandra Lagna.

      From the above it is clear that Mercury and her signs Gemini and Virgo have major role to play.

      Dr. Shanker Adawal
      Profile: www.connectingmind.com
      Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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      Astrological Remedial Measures!

      remedies GIFHere I am giving some of the specific remedial measures and I am sure that same shall be useful and prove beneficial.

      Remedial measures for all marriage problems

      1) Problem – Second Marriage


      (i) Sleep in north-west part of the house.

      (ii) Take advice from well-wishers before commencing any new or important work, including proposal for marriage.

      (iii) Give part of your food to a dog, a cow and a crow daily.

      (iv) Take meals at least once inside the kitchen.

      (v) Bury an earthen pot filled with honey in the cremation ground or desired area.

      2) Problem – Dissatisfaction in married life.


      (i) Keep a glassful of water near the head-side of your bed at bedtime. Next morning, pour that water on a plant/tree. (Do 43 days continuously)

      (ii) While taking bath, mix a few spoonfuls of curd in the bathing water.

      (iii) Keep your gold wrapped in green paper.

      (iv) Distribute laddoos in the temple on Thursdays. Do not eat Non-Veg, garlic or onion on Thursdays.

      3) Problem – Married, but living like a bachelor, other troubles.


       (i) Feed 100 healthy cows with green grass.

      (ii) Drink milk with saffron and wear gold in the ear.

      4) Problem – To increase marital harmony.


      (i) Float an unpeeled dry coconut and a few dry almonds (with shell on them) in a flowing river.

      (ii) Keep a square piece of silver with you.

      (iii) Do not wear blue pants, underwears and socks. Donate radish generously. Maintain good relations with in Laws/maternal relatives.

      (iv) Keep a handful of dry dates in your vehicle.

      5) Problem – Unhappy Married life.


       (i) Give part of your food to a dog, a cow and crow daily.

      (ii) Bury a bamboo flute (black colour) filled with sugar in a deserted place.

      (iii) Offer sweet loaves of bread/biscuits to street dogs.

      (iv) Take meals at least once inside the kitchen. (Preferably sit on the floor with crossed legs).

      (v) If possible, do Kanya Daan.

      (vi) Visit temple of Sai Baba and Sani Dev.

      6) Problem – Delay in daughter’s marriage.


       (i) Daughter’s bed room may be kept be in north-west part of the house.

      (ii) Give part of your food to a dog, a cow and a crow daily.

      (iii) Put 100 handful of rice in any pond or well (not in river).

      (iv) Float a dry unpeeled coconut in the river. Do for 11, 21 or 43 days.

      (v) Burry an earthen pot filled with honey in the cremation ground or deserted area.

      7) Problem – Want early marriage


      (i) No non-veg; no drinks Maintain high quality of character. Keep away from undesirable persons. Not to tell a lie. Not to indulge in black-marketing or hoarding. Do noble deeds.

      (ii) Visit Shiva Tirtha once in a year.

      How to get rid of bad habits

      1) Problem – Tendency to drink alcohol too much.


      (i) Your bed room should be in south/west part of the house. Keep your head towards east or north, while sleeping.

      (ii) Throw handful of dry almonds (with shell cover) in a flowing river or keep at the crossroads.

      (iii) Worship Hanuman Ji and keep fasts on Tuesdays. Destribute sweets. [Remedies, may be performed by the native or his mother or wife.]

      2) Problem – Drinking habit of the husband spoiling marital life.


      (i) The husband should sleep keeping head in north or east direction only.

      (ii) Keep a handful of dry almonds (with shell cover) in a black cloth and keep it in a dark place in your house.

      (iii) Moist a handful of whole green (unbroken) – Moong pulse at bedtime, feed it to the birds next morning. To be done for 43 days.

      (iv) Donate mushroom filled in an earthen pot in any religious place (temple/mosque).

      (v) Do not accept any talisman from any “Sadhu or Faqir”.

      (vi) Put a cupful of sweet milk with `Kesar’ to the roots of a banyan tree and put that wet soil on your navel and forehead (Remedies under problem No. 73 may also prove useful).

      Remedial measures when always surrounded by many troubles and problems

      1) Problem – Facing a lot of problems. And obstacles is every field.


      (i) No gambling/speculation.

      (ii) Keep solid metal on your person. Pay due regards to opposite sex.

      (iii) Wear a silver ring in little finger in left hand.

      (iv) Put 43 copper coins (One Daily) in a flowing river.

      (v) Float 4 Kg. of white radish in a flowing river (not in well or pond or tank).

      (vi) Float a dry unpeeled coconut and handful of dry almonds (with shell cover) in a flowing river or keep at the crossroads.

      (vii) Put turmeric/saffron tilak on forehead.

      (viii) Wear gold chain around the neck.

      (ix) Offer milk to snakes and rice to fish (propitiating Lord Shiva/Recite Mantra of Lord Shiva and Recite Mantra for Rahu).

      (x) Worship Hanuman Ji and keep fasts on Tuesdays. Distribute sweets. (Recite Hanuman Chalisa).

      Dr. Shanker Adawal
      Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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      Transit and Research on Predictive Technique - A Pointer!

      Transit and Research on Predictive Technique - A Pointer!

      Dr. Shanker Adawal
      Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
      Join my Facebook Group for free Astro Queries:www.facebook.com/shankeradawal

      Planet Moon and Your Education!

      space sun GIFAll astrological texts and astrologers accept that the Moon, inter-alia, is Mind and the question for consideration in this small write-up is whether and to what extent education can be acquired by benefic or malefic Moon. At the same time, the involvement of major significators for education namely Jupiter and Mercury cannot be ruled out. Similarly certain signs and their lords play their parts. However, though total consideration of the horoscope may be needed but the discussion shall be confined to the specific question of the role played NATAL MOON in acquiring 'Education'.

      What constitutes 'education' for purposes of astrology would differ from native to native and in view of the modern times, astrology would cover education from primary to secondary, secondary to graduation and therefore graduation to post-graduation augmented by higher studies. At the same time it becomes inevitable to mention that' education' is a word of wide importance and taking the dictionary meaning into consideration, education stands for bringing up or training as of child, instruction, strengthening the powers of the body or mind. Further analysis would say that education includes 'culture', technical education, and cover various fields of Art, Music, Drama, Archaeology, Economic and Sanitary Science and Psychological healing. This apart, the word 'education' has come to stay for the process of training and developing the knowledge, skill mind and covers normal schooling. However, education cannot be restricted to scholastic education only. It would cover all steps of learning apart from education through schools/colleagues and universities. Hence the need for mind (Moon) for any type of 'learning education' would differ from native depending on the personal horoscope.

      The Moon in mind. The Moon represents 'Chitta' or emotions of all sorts. The Moon represents the highest state of mind and learning in all kinds of liquids, including water and milk, is inter-alia, provided by the Moon (a watery planet). The requisite skill (education) to rule general public is governed by the Moon. In astrology, the Moon has also been treated as an eye, specially left eye and no education would be possible without proper eyesight, thus the Moon plays its role though in Modern times, even a blind-man can learn to read and write.

       The Moon in various signs and houses also influence the scope of education to be acquired by the native. Briefly, the Moon in Taurus makes the native intelligent (with or without proper schooling), the Moon in Gemini makes the native scholarly and learned, and intelligence is also conferred by the Moon in Virgo and Libra, though in Libra, the native would be of balanced mind, the moon in Sagittarius make the native well versed in literature and some natives may become authors and the Moon in Aquarius makes the native learned with power of institution.

      The internal darkness of the native dispelled by the rays of the Moon and is said to rule over the lives of the beings on the earth. All this amounts to self-realization and learning from within. Introspection is provided by the Moon.

      The Moon in the 1st house (Lagna) makes the native normally educated, the Moon in the second house though makes the natives intelligent but also stands fro 'break in education',3rd house Moon make the native to possess good knowledge and thus become intelligent, the Moon in the 4th house enable the native to acquire high education, the Moon in the 4th house enables the native to acquire high education, the moon in the 5th house gives clarity to mind but also give interrupted education, some of the learned authors are of the view that even Moon in the 6th house makes the native intelligent, apart from giving success in all undertakings, the 10th house Moon makes the native intelligent and the Jupiter and Moon together makes the nature learned in ancient subjects and skilled in astrology. And finally, it has been seen that 12th house Moon would given eye-trouble, mental troubles thus compelling the native to have no education or less education.

      Now, about the main significators of Education. The known and accepted significators are Jupiter and Mercurry. For all education purposes, one looks for the placement of Jupiter and Mercurry. For all educational purposes, one look for the placement of Jupiter and Mercury. Apart from these significators, the houses to be considered for education are 4th, 2nd, 5th and 9th. For higher and higher education and Government awards, we look into the 11th house. However some of the writers have taken 10th house also as house of education. (10th house is one of the houses of educations). Without dwelling into controversy as to what extent 10th house is to be taken into account fro educational purposes, it would suffice to say that the main houses for education art 2, 4, 5 and 9.

      It would be relevant to day that apart from the consideration of 'Lagna' and lagna lord' for basic characteristics (main is known by the company he keeps i.e. planets in lagna), a reference to the following houses for 'education' of the native is inevitable though these houses tell about so many other things:

      2nd house - basic and primary education.
      4th house - main academic education specially upto Ten plus two or near about
      graduation if the field of education is diversified i.e. some diplomas etc.
      9th house - Post Graduation, and
      11th house - Higher education.

      The main point for consideration in the write-up is whether and to what extent the Moon plays its part in giving education in full, break in education, education by stages and slows, education while doing work (service or profession). Few aspects can be explained by the individual horoscopes to shoe that the Moon has definite role to play in the education of the native. In this horoscope (Chart No.1) the native played truant while in school, failed in matric during Rahu dasa but came up later with higher educational qualifications apparently with Moon in the 5th house though Jupiter is giving its 5th aspect on the 5th house with Saturn therein. Therefore, the Moon has its part to play.

      Mar, Ketu


      Chart No. 1





      Lag Jup., Mar


      Sun, Mer

      Ven, Mars, Ketu


      Chart No. 2




      In this case (Chart No.2) the native, a female teacher, had to work hard to acquire the education qualifications (M.Sc., B.Ed) though the 4this inter-alia, hemmed by malefics and the saver is Moon's aspect and the lord of 4th house goes to the 5th house. Saturn in the 3rd mad the native to learn while earning (service after Matric).

      Sun, Mer, Ven

      Jup, Rahu



      Chart No. 3




      This horoscope belongs to late Shri Ram Krishan Dalmia (Chart No. 3) noted industrialist and from an earlier news-item (Hindustan times dated 10th March, 1993). It was known that he studied upto matriculation only though he came out to be an excellent speaker and writer of English, Hindi, and Bengali. Saturn in the 4th did its part but Moon's aspect on lagna apart from contributions made by 10th house. Jupiter and Sun-Mercury-Venus combination in 9th house. Role of Moon in education is well depicted.

      In this horoscope (Chart No. 4) the Moon is in the sixth house, thought he Moon is debilitated and is in inauspicious house, the native held the highest post, after having acquired high education, remained for a long time as Judge of the International court of

      Sun, Mar, Ven


      Lag, Mars


      Chart No-4




      Justice (the horoscope is of late Dr. Nagendta Singh). It would be seen that houses governing education don't speak much, on the face of them, but applying the astrological dicta (as planet debilitated or lord of these houses – 3, 6, 8 and 12 give greater results). The only point to be stressed was to say that even the debilitated Moon had its role in education of the native though the 10th house became very strong helping the native to acquire the highest education.

      Without multiplying the example, it would suffice to say that the MOON has definite role to play in Education as the Moon has to be taken into account while considering the houses governing education as well as the significators for education i.e. Jupiter and Mercury. It can be said that MOONS status is next to that of SUN. The factors influenced by the Moon enable the native to acquired high (higher) education followed by a high status. Taking the broad view of the term 'education', the Moon stand for development of good behavior and ideas, pursuits for acquisition of money (education and intelligence), mental satisfaction, intuition and psychic perception, as a result of higher education to get personal recognition and achievements.

      Finally, a word about the horoscope of the learned astrologer Shri M.S. Sitharamiah (born in balance of Mars and died in Mahadasha of Venus, antra of Venus- Libra Lagna). This apart, the point for consideration is whether and to what extent the MOON contributed to his educational qualifications. On analysis, Lagna lord Venus is in 7th with Saturn and Rahu having aspect of Ketu with Jupiter (R) and at the same time Venus is aspecting its own house. 2nd lord Mars is in 4th and 6th lord Saturn in 8th as indicated above. The MOON is in the 5th house having aspect of Jupiter and thus contributing to the acquired education of the native. Further, the 10th lord Moon placed in 5th house having aspect of Jupiter indicated the known profession of journalist and astrologer. In Navamsha, the 11th house becomes strong; further, the Moon becomes the major contribution for education in Navamsha being in lagna through in the house of Mars aspecting the 11th house along with Saturn. To sum up, Mercurry of the native did not contribute much for education being in the 6th house along with Sun which leads to all afflictions and the native becomes prone to certain evils which do not appear to be the case with the native. However Saturn-Venus combination in the 11th house in the Navamsha with unaffiliated Moon made the native highly meritorious, highly learned, and famous skilful in speech and dear to the people. However, Balbhadra has stated for combination of Venus-Saturn in the 9th house that the native may be serene in disposition and be resolute.

      Dr. Shanker Adawal
      Research work and articles on Bhrigu Nadi astrology: www.shankerstudy.com
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      Mars: Effects and Remedies

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