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Prana Dasa – Effects Part 3

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Part 3
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Periods in Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mars:
Results of the Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of planets in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mars:
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mars in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mars:
i) Conflicts, captivity by the enemy, blood and bile related diseases.
Another version- Death in the captivity of the enemies or due to weapons.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Rahu in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mars:
ii) Grief of wife and children, distress due to unhappy incidents with the brothers or kinsmen, apprehension of death due to poison.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Jupiter in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mars.
iii) Worshipping of deities, gain of wealth, attaining competence in religious observance of Vedic hymns, happiness of children and grand children.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Saturn in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mars:
iv) Obstacle of fire, death, destruction of wealth, dislodgement from place or position (demotion), affection amongst brothers.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mercury in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mars:
v) Acquisition of exotic clothes, glittering ornaments, glamorous wife.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Ketu in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mars:
vi) Distress due to fall from a high place, ailment of eyes, great fear, danger from snake, loss of wealth etc.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Venus in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mars:
vii) Increase in property, admirations in the public, happy returns, disease caused due to leading luxurious and comfortable life etc.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of the Sun in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mars:
viii) Fever, insanity due to fever, dissipation of wealth, confrontation with the Govt. Authority, prolonged disease, poverty.
Sub-Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of the Moon in the Sub-Sub-Sub-Period of Mars:

ix) Pleasure of sumptuous meals, happiness over the acquisition of clothes and ornaments, ailments due to heat and cold.

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