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Encyclopedia of Vedic Astrology: Planetary Transit: Transit of Saturn, Chapter IX, Part - 4

Dr. Shanker Adawal

9.3 Saturn’s Return or Paryaya

Part 1

9.3.1 The Saturn takes 29-30 years to come full circle, when transiting Saturn returns to the precise position it was in at the moment of a native’s birth. Symbolically, it means that the planet is beginning a new cycle in the native’s life and indicates a phase in the aging process, when  new realities and responsibilities must be faced. The Saturn return is often a difficult and challenging time, but decisions taken and changes made usually workout well in the long term, if these are sensible and followed thoroughly with hard work. Normally a native may face three cycles of Saturn’s return, but in case of long lived natives there may partially be a fourth cycle also. As per Tamil texts, the first round of Saturn is called Mangu Shani, bringing bad health & many difficulties including in education. The second round of Saturn’s transit is called Pongu Shani or fertile Saturn as it may bring auspicious events like completion of education, marriage & launch in business/ career. The third round of Saturn’s transit is called Kungu or frozen Shani indicating mental worries, agony, sorrows, miseries, mourning and death of relatives. The fourth round of the transit is called Maran Shani. If the native does not die already before it, this may be very malefic. Out of the four cycles, the transit of Saturn over natal Moon sign is the worst.

9.3.2 First Return/ Cycle

i) Ingress of Saturn in 1st natal Saturn’s sign, the native is totally dependent on parents and is unable to express fully. The native may suffer from infantile diseases and has to be kept under supervision with regard to his health.

ii) In the 2nd house from natal Saturn, the results are similar as above, but the child is prone to minor injuries and eye ailments as well.

iii) Transit in 3rd house is considered very good and auspicious. The native enjoys love & affection of siblings, good health & food, leads comfortable life and parents get happiness.

iv) In 4th house, though it is a transit of Dhaiyya, the difficulties will be lesser, but health of the native or his mother may suffer. In Saturn’s Bhinnastak Varga, if the bindus are more than three, there will be increasing comfort, good health and increase in status of the father of the native.

v) In 5th house from natal Saturn, there may be danger to the life of the mother. The native may remain confused, stubborn and enters into unnecessary arguments/ quarrels. He may face sickness causing hindrance to his education.


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