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A Guide to Palmistry: Tips for Hand Reading, Chapter XIX, Part - 1

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Tips for Hand Reading

Part 1
It is another important chapter of the whole book as it furnishes to the reader the concrete foundations upon which all accurate Hand Reading is based. The chapter is being given in the end as after reading the book and the instructions furnished in the chapter VIII one should recall all the things in mind.

In the last chapters, the reader-knew the character, talents and temperament of the native. It must always be borne in mind that the items embodied in those chapters can never tell the past or future career, or give any clue as to the circumstances, surroundings and environments of the subject.

Careful study and complete understanding together with proper application of the chapters will enable the student to have an accurate and sound data of the native’s history. These tips will the reader to draw a fair figure of the native.

As the cells of the brain change after about every seven years, the same change is observed, in the lines and signs of the hand, and that is why the career and destiny of man is oil the move either through his efforts or through his environments. The children’s hands give a clear specimen of these changes as their career and destiny are always moving more than the adults. Children’s hand-prints taken every year will clearly show the change in the main lines and signs of the hands.

The student being now satisfied which hand to read from, and how the past and future career is read, he should carry out the Hand Reading as detailed below: every part should be carefully examined beginning with the texture of the hand, skin and ending with the minor lines and signs as follows;

(1) Texture of the skin;

(2) Shape and size of the hand;

(3) Good mounts;

(4) Bad mounts;

(5) The Thumb;

(6) The fingers together with their phalanges and tips;

(7) The nails, their shape, size and colour;

(8) The Line of Heart;

(9) The Line of Mentality;

(10) The Line of Vitality;

(11) The Line of Fate or Destiny;

(12) The Line of Sun;

(13) The Line of Mercury;

(14) The Auxiliary or minor lines;

(15) The Quadrangle;

(16) The signs and marks.

Necessary Equipment for Hand Reading:

The most essential material for Hand Reading is keen eyesight-by wearing spectacles if possible-and a dependable memory together with a through knowledge of this book. The light of the consulting or reading room should be sufficient to show the minutest signs and lines. In case difficulty in seeing all lines and signs is experienced, some white powder (talcum powder is very efficient) should be spread on the palm of the hand. The powder will let the palm glisten and every line or mark will be clearly visible.

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