Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part – 117


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Deity worshiped – Pertains to 5th house mainly

Y-1- If Venus is located in the 5th house with Moon or if the 5th is aspected by Moon and Venus, the native worships a female deity.

Y-2- If the 5th house is occupied by a male planet the native worships a male deity. If the 5th house is influenced by Sun, the native is a worshipper of the Sun or Lord Shiva.

Y-3- If Moon is influencing by location and aspect the 5th house, the native worships “Yakshini”.

If Mercury influences this house, the native worships “Skanda” or “Bhairava”.

Y-4- If Mercury is in 5th, the native worships: Sharada or “Vishnu” and a Satvic devata, if it is Jupiter. If it is Venus, he worships Chamunda devi.

Y-5- If Saturn influences the 5th house the native worships some spirit of the dead & take his abode in a burning place of dead. If Rahu or Ketu are there the divine power, worshipped is one that harms others.

Y-6- If the planets mentioned above are located in the Navamsa of their sign of exaltation, or of a friend, the deity is worshipped for the benefit of self. If it is otherwise, it is done to harm others.

Y-7- If the planet involved is asapected by benefic planets or is located in “Mridu” Navamsa the deity is gentle, otherwise cruel.

Y-8a- If two or more than two planets are involved, one worships two or more deities.

Y-8b- The deity will be favourable to the native, if the lord of the 5th is a friend of the lord of the Ascendant.

Y-8c- If it is enemy, the deity will act in opposition: if neutral, the result will also be neutral.

Note: In other religions similar comparison may be made.

Planets and 12th House

The following are the effects produced by planets posited in the 12th House:

Sun- Poor financial status; renouncing nature; all round losses; easily angered; sad but generous; never-ending sorrows.

Weak Moon- Lean body; almost always penniless; Mean professions; harbours vengeance.

Full Moon- Broad-minded and charitable; showy; renouncing nature.

Mars- Happy, but in mean professions; short life; moderate happiness and finances; expenses in evil directions.

Mercury- Clear complexion; poor; curious about others wealth and women; always on the Move.

Jupiter- Worships Shiva; sickly; beautiful; heavy expenses; proud and showy; charitably inclined.

Venus- Henpecked; wealthy; charitable; sorrowful but humble; earns after heavy labour and endeavour; semi-sickly.

Saturn- Expenses on gambling and evil directions; seems to like company of widows and Women of had character; savage-like.

Rahu- Uncharitable; poor finances; sorrows; broods over unhappy occurrences; even takes to beggary or goes to other places to seek livelihood; his hair is yellolwish in colour.

Ketu- Ear diseases; diseases on head; puts obstacles into other’s undertakings; blameworthy habits; attains salvation in the end.


Y-1- A powerful benefic in 12th indicates expenses in the right directions; malefic indicate wrongful expenses, losses.

Y-2a- If lord of 12th is stronger than lord of 11th, the native’s expenses will be more than his income.

b- If lord of 11th is stronger than the lord of 12th, his income will be more than his expenses.

c- If both the lords of 11th and 12th are of equal strength (as for instance, the case of Pisces Ascendant) income and expenses will be equal.

Y-3- If there are no planets in 12th, determines effects of this house from the lord of 12th house.


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