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Planets, Signs and Houses: Judgement of Twelve House V, Part - 20


Dr. Shanker Adawal


Y-1- If lord of 2nd and Jupiter conjointly stand in the 12th house, the native will become dumb.

Y-2- If the sign occupied happens to be own house/exaltation etc. the evil effects will stand considerably reduced.

Y-3- If lord of 2nd Jupiter are in 6/8/12 house aspected by a benefic, the native will start talking late in childhood.

Y-4- When the lord of the 2nd house is in the 8th place, there it is in conjunction with Jupiter, then dumbness will be the consequence.

N-1- In every case in which a planet is in exaltation or in its own house, it does not produce the evil referred to above.

Bereft of speech- Y- If Jupiter and the Lord of the 2nd House occupy the 6th or 8th or 12th house, the native is born as bereft of speech.

N-2- In the same way the parents (father and mother) should also be understood as bereft of spee4ch, when the lords of the Houses of father and mother are placed in these houses. (Jupiter is the significator of speech also).


Y-1- If lord of 2nd is a benefic and in exaltation/Moolatrikona/ own house, the native will protect his family, earn well, be prosperous, gifted with fluency in speech.

Y-2- Lord of 2nd in 6/8/12th house indicates that the native may have defective speech or become dumb, depending upon the severity of the affliction.

Y-3- If the sign occupied by lord of 2nd, in spite of it being a evil house, if it also happens to be exalted/friendly house there will pro-rata reduced malefic effects.

Y-4- Lords of 2nd and 5th with Mercury, if posted in 6/8/12th, speech will be affected.

N-1- If they are posted in quadrant/trine, the speech of the native will depend on the strength of the planets involved.

Y-5- When the lord of the 2nd bhava occupies the 8th place, in conjunction with Jupiter the person born will be a mute.

Y-6- A person would be eloquent, when the lord of the 2nd bhava, occupies a trine, or angle in conjunction with a benefic planet and/or is also by itself in a benefic place.

Y-7- When the planet owning the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 2nd bhava is benefic and is in its exaltation or aspected by a benefic planet or is in a Paravathamsa, the person born will be eloquent & clever.

Small-pox Y- When one of the two planets the Sun or Mars, occupy the Ascendant the 7th, the 2nd or the 8th and is aspected by the other, Ajyasparsa or risk of fire or small-pox, may happen.


Y-1- Lord of 2nd house in the company of a malefic, when the 2nd house is also occupied by a Malefic, indicates that the native would become a tale-hearer, be stingy and will possess wealth earned by unrighteous means.

Another version – Y-1- If the Lord of the Second House is combined with a malefic planet and the House of Wealth (the Second House) is also occupied by a malefic planet, it will make the native a tell tale or tale bearer, liar and afflicted with windy diseases.

N-1- (Malefic placed in the 2nd House, a Maraka house, give diseases. When Saturn is placed in the House of Wealth or the 2nd House the native will be subjected to poverty and afflicted by windy bilious and phlegmatic diseases and diseases of bones and is also bereft of good qualities. If those which are placed in the Second House, have planets having windy disposition, and are in their sign of debilitation and the Lord of the 2nd House also has malefic influence, the native will certainly be afflicted with windy diseases).

Y-2- Sun and Mars in 2nd indicates perpetual sickness and/or poverty.

Y-3- Rahu/Saturn in 2nd denotes that the native would be poor and earn his livelihood by servitude.

N-2- If the planet causing evil combination is situated in his sign of exaltation, he does not cause evil effects.

N-3- But when he is placed in a 6/8/12th house he causes evil.


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