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Planets, Signs and Houses: Essential Principle for Judgement of Horoscopy, Chapter IV, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Planetary Indications

1. One should consider about his own self i.e. native, father, influence, health, vigour and fortune from the Sun.

2. The Moon determines the character of heart, understanding, royal favour, mother and wealth.

3. Ascertain through Mars his courage, disease, characteristic qualities, younger brothers, lands, foes and paternal relations.

4. Mercury influences his learning, relatives in general, discriminating power, maternal uncle, friends, speech and action.

5. Jupiter will guide to conjecture about the native’s genius, wealth, physical development, sons and knowledge.

6. Venus will inform about the native’s wife, vehicles, ornaments, love affairs and pleasures.

7. It is through Saturn the longevity of the native, livelihood, the cause of death, his adversity and his servants is guessed.

8. The position of Rahu in the nativity will guide about the paternal grand father and Ketu, about the maternal grand father.

9. The Karakas of the several House reckoned from the Ascendant respectively are (1) the Sun, (2) Jupiter, (3) Mars, (4) the Moon and Mercury, (5) Jupiter, (6) Saturn and Mars, (7) Venus, (8) Saturn, (9) the Sun and Jupiter, (10) Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and Saturn, (11) Jupiter and (12) Saturn.

10. The Variation in the effects of the planets, from full to partial, posited in the 12 house, viz., Ascendant, 2nd, 3rd, etc., is to be considered from the exact nature of the sign occupied by them, i.e., whether it is friendly, inimical or neutral one, or whether the planet under reference is in his own, or exaltation sign.

11. The benefic planet occupying any house usually promote the prosperity of that house whereas, the malefic in any house retard it. This is contrary with respect to the 6th, 8th and the 12th house.

Malefic planets occupying the 6th, 8th and the 12th house, promote the evil effects of these House, whereas benefic in these houses bring about their annihilation. Thus the destruction of the evil effects arising out of the three houses may be predicted.

12. Briefly the general principle may be stated that benefic in auspicious house promote their good effects and in evil house spoil their untoward effects, while the malefic in good house spoil them and in inauspicious house cause untold misery.

Whenever the results of any house are to be ascertained in any nativity, that first House should be taken as Ascendant and the effects of the 12 house counted there from such as 1st (body), 2nd (wealth), etc., should be examined and predicted.

Similarly the effects of the father, the mother, the brother, the maternal uncle, the son, the husband and the attendants may be considered by treating the signs occupied by their respective Karakas, viz., the Sun, the Moon, and other planets, in the birth chart, as the Ascendant.

13. Find out the house occupied by the Sun. This house will indicate the appearance and personality of the father of the native. The 2nd house from this will tell about the father’s prosperity and renown. About his brothers, character, etc., should be determined from the 3rd house reckoned from the Sun. All about his father’s mother, father’s happiness, etc., should be divined from the 4th (from the Sun).

The intellect and wisdom of the native’s father and his peace of mind should be ascertained from the 5th house (from the Sun), his sufferings, injuries, enemies and disease should be ascertained from the 6th house; his love and passion from the 7th house; his misery, death and longevity should be determined from the 8th house (from the Sun).

The spiritual, religious and auspicious deeds of the native’s father should be guessed from the 9th house (from the Sun); his vocation and profession from the 10th; his income and profits from the 11th and his expenditure or loss from the 12th house from the Sun.

The results of the 12 House reckoned from the Moon, Mars, etc., (for the mother, brother, etc.) should be similarly deduced.

All the details about the mother, brother, father, son, etc., should thus be ascertained by a reference to the particular house and it’s Karaka. When any house, its lord and Karaka are all strong, the learned should predict good effects for that house.

14. According to karakobhavanashaya principle, the Sun in the 9th, the Moon in the 4th, Mars in the 3rd, Jupiter in the 5th, Venus in the 7th and Saturn in the 8th is said cause reduction of effects of the House concerned. However all significator do not destroy their respective karaka houses except the 7th, 3rd, 5th, and the 9th house/Bhava as per our experience.

15. The lord of the Ascendant gives the effects, pertaining to the House with whose lord he is associated, or the house occupied by him. When the concerned House or its lord is strong, good result is expected of that House, if weak, only untoward events should be expected.

16. In the Ashtakavarga of the lord of the Ascendant, those Houses which contains a number of benefic dots, and the respective owner thereof is strong and is associated with the lord of the Asc, the effect obtained from the House should be beneficial.

Wherever the number of such dots is less in the Ashtakavarga of the lord of the Ascendant, then even house owner association with the lord of the Ascendant, shows adverse results, if the lord of the house is also weak; so should be judged the entire Houses.

17. Should the lord of an evil houses occupy his other house; he will produce during his Dasa the effects of only that house – being in his own house and not that of the bad house. For example, when Saturn is posited in the sign Capricorn in the 5th House (for Taurus Ascendant), there will be the acquisition of sons, and the evil effects, being owner of the 6th house, will not materialize.

18. The following are the five accepted relationship between two planets:

When they are posited (exchange) in each other’s sign;

When they are in conjunction;

When they aspect (mutually) each other with full aspect only;

When they are in Angular positions with respect to each other;

When they are in Trine position with respect to each other.


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