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Moon in the signs – General

Moon in the signs – General

Dr. Shanker Adawal (Jyotishaacharya, PHD, MBA)

Let us describe the configurations of the Moon in the signs, which govern the natural forms and innate states of men; the Moon together with each one (of the signs) produces these configurations when it is strong and in the house of a strong planet.

The Moon in Aries: produces a powerful hero of noble courage; a famous man with many wives, sons, servants, and relatives; a voracious person, but one who is liberal and mighty; a man who is quick and powerful and wrathful and who has a terrible arm; one whose favour is fleeting and character unsteady; a hold man who wanders on the road and loves women; one whose younger brother has died, but who fears his older brother and relatives; a well dressed man who gains and then loses, but who has obtained wealth; a rich and glorious person whose words are loud and clear; a fierce man dear to the king who is hard to attack; a man clever in businesses, whose friends and relatives are unreliable; a pale fellow of great strength and terrible appearance; one who looks like a ram and has a round head, mouth, an eyes; a man whose body is distorted, whose cheeks are thin, and whose feet are small; one having disheveled hair and uneven eyes and teeth; a fearless man rejoicing in battle who is missing no finger (?); one who is not at ease among women and has ugly nails and fingers; a man whose body is tormented by diseases of the teeth and eyes, by pains connected with blood and urine, by poison, fire, and wind, and by wounds.

If Mars aspects, a king; If the Sun, one whose staff is fearful; If Jupiter, a man having many servants and much property; If Mercury, a wise man; If Venus, a prosperous one; and If Saturn, a pauper in Aries.

The Moon in Taurus: produces a proud and lucky man who has a good wife and whose speech is humorous, but scanty; a glorious person who eats a lot and dresses well; a man whose people, property, and household are great; one whose business enterprises, wealth, and character are firm; a well known man whose friends and allies are steadfast; a generous person who knows about what is serious and divine; an obedient person who is friendly to saints (sadhu); a pure and grateful man who delights in forgiveness and truth; an intelligent person who has little to do with coquetry or perfume; a hero who endures many cares; an expert in sexual intercourse who desires to copulate with base women; a man dear to the king who longs for a wife and sons; a greedy person who desires to accumulate and protect money; one whose body is fat, erect, and round in every part; a deep-voiced man who is the first in his family; a man whose ear-hollows, eyes, and mouth look like a bull’s; a black man whose hair is thick and curly; one whose acts, whims, pleasures, and manners are base; a man producing fear (in others) and arguing with the best (of men).

If the Sun aspects, a man rich in righteousness (dharma); If Jupiter, a prosperous person; If Mercury, one who has many pleasures; If Venus, a king; If Mars, a chief of bandits; and If Saturn, a lord of cities.

The Moon in the third sign (Gemini) produces a clever man whose discourse is sweet and who is learned in the meaning of poetry; an eloquent and famous hero; an intelligent and noble person with many and good friends; one who delights in knowledge, science, sacred tradition (sruti), poetry, crafts, music, singing, and the arts; a man endowed with the qualities of courtesy, friendship, gracefulness, laughter, beauty, and cleverness; a favourite of women whose nature is subject to love; a handsome man whose body is symmetrical, broad, and beautiful; one whose eyes are handsome and wide and whose lips and teeth are radiant; one who diverts himself and is fond of sexual intercourse with (another) man; a bold man abounding in good conduct and righteousness (dharma); one who counsels peace, but is wise in battle; a man whose dharma is intent on gods, Brahmans, and teachers; one whose nature seems to mix with others (?); a man who enjoys dainty drinks and foods and is fond of perfume and garlands; one who knows the rules of service, but whose politeness is feigned; a man who stays out of contention as far as he is able (?); a sickly person whose qualities are famous.

If the Sun aspects, a pauper; If Saturn, (the same); If Mars, a thief; If Mercury, a prince (parthiva); If Venus, one who knows the arts, instrumental music, and singing; and If Jupiter, an honourable man who delights in knowledge in Gemini.

The Moon in Cancer produces a wise man of clear speech who knows about poetry; a generous and benevolent person; a wise man whose intellect embraces many sciences; one who can endure many troubles and pains and has fortitude; a man impatient of injury who gains honour in his speeches; a courteous man who is pleased by gods, Brahmans, and teachers; an intelligent and well dressed person who is lucky with women; a man with few clothes in his store-room or on his body; one who is frequently seized by gains and losses; one who is dear to his mother’s allies and has good relatives; a man honoured by subjects, friends, and servants; one who is subject to women and anger; a man whose feet are broad and fleshy; one who knows friendship, honour, love, and respect; a pennon fond of music and singing who likes to laugh; one who delights in the water and loves his children; a diligent and prosperous man who wants to take to water; a wanderer; a steadfast person with many wives; a glorious man who delights in living in many places; one who demonstrates resolution in many activities.

If the Sun aspects, a pauper; If Saturn, a sick man; If Mars, a harsh man who finishes off his family; If Jupiter, a king; If Venus, one whose qualities are famous; and If Mercury, a man who does his duty in Cancer.

The Moon in Leo produces a king endowed with the quality of courage; a man who is honoured by the king; one whose shoulder is elevated like a lion’s and whose body is thick-set and plump; a hungry man fond of flesh who is hard to attack; a person dear to his mother; a fierce man whose anger does not last long; a liberal man with few sons who laughs but little; one whose money comes from firm enterprises; a man whose character is fearful, but whose friendship is unfailing; one whose nature is deep and firm and who knows his way around; a righteous (dharmasaha) and renowned person who is slow to forgive; a clever man delighting in rivers, mountains, and forests; one who is harsh in his speech and censures many people; an heroic man of conviction and strength who shows little love or civility among his men; a clever and grateful person whose wealth is famous; a hero whose possessions and household are great; a man who assails others and does not experience sorrow; one who uproots pride and is inclined toward affection; a man endowed with a resplendent nature, whose treasury grows ever greater; a charming person who is not bothered by diseases, hunger, or fatigue.

If the Sun aspects, a king; If Jupiter, a counselor (mantrin); If Mars, a cruel man; If Venus, one of enormous wealth; If Mercury, a learned and prosperous person; and If Saturn, a foolish wretch in Leo.

The Moon in Virgo produces an eloquent, sweet, and courteous man; a person with the body of a handsome youth and longing for women; an intelligent man who delights in all people; one who knows singing, music, gracefulness, laughter, politeness, generosity, love, and hunour; a man who is a stranger to swords and weapons and is afraid of battles and travelling; a person to be honoured; one who practices many deceits, but whose anger is not of a long duration; an indolent and negligent person.

If Mercury aspects, a king; If Venus, a wealthy man; If Jupiter, the head of a city (purottama); If the Sun, one who wanders in foreign lands; If Saturn, a blind man; and If Mars, a cruel person who has many diseases connected with bile in Virgo.

The Moon in Libra produces an eloquent and noble wanderer, a glorious and clever traveler; one who is pure, courteous, lucky, and handsome; a man who gives gifts to the gods and to his people; one who worships and makes donations to saints (sadhu) and Brahmanas; a man who knows about buying and selling merchandise such as jewels; a man whose character is firm, but who chases after women; one who knows unguents, (ointments) clothing, and ornaments; a man with brightly-coloured garments; a person whose anger is quick and terrible; one who is noble among his friends, but is made to suffer by his own people; a prosperous man who has very few pleasures or enjoyments; one who is clever in finding means to increase his wealth; an anxious person who is determined in his duty; a fat man the corners of whose eyes are long and who is afflicted with misfortune; one who has a prominent end of the nose and an asymmetrical disposition of his limbs; one whose wealth is obtained by his own effort; a man possessing women who delights in righteousness (dharma) and is an expert in the sacred traditions (sruti); a clever and grateful person who has found a protector; one who is beloved by women and dear to good men.

If Jupiter aspects, a leader of merchants; If Saturn and Venus when they are strong, a wealthy king; If the Sun, a vile person; If Mercury, an orator; and If Mars, a man without money, relatives, or wives in Libra.

The Moon in Scorpio produces a prosperous and bold hero; a famous man who is honored by the lord (Isvara) of good men; a cruel and fierce man who desires to kill others; an intelligent person, harsh, jealous, and impatient of insult; a firm and self-controlled man who is resolute in his actions; an expert in the meaning of the sciences, instruction, sacred traditions (sruti), crafts, service, working with minerals, spells, and medicine; one who is struck by disease in his youth and whose hoard is destroyed, or whose father, mother, and older brother predecease him; a man who is impure because of such things as stealing, envy, lying, roguery, trickery, cruelty, and anger; one who lives off of others and is confused in his actions; a greedy person who is fond of making love to other men’s wives; a despondent man who looks like a scorpion; one whose trunk is broad, fat, and full-grown; a handsome and glorious man who can endure misery; one who is devious in his actions and is tricky; a man generous in a moment whose limbs are wounded and weak; one who worships those who are receptacles of the best qualities.

If Mars aspects, a king; If Saturn aspects, a sick pauper; If the Sun aspects, a prosperous man; If Venus aspects, one who is rich; If Jupiter aspects, a man who is fond of his own dharma; and If Mercury aspects, a man with an evil nature whose children are also corrupted in Scorpio.

The Moon in Sagittarius: produces a man of lofty conduct who is honoured by the king; a pure, truthful, and courteous hero; a prosperous and rich person who is devoted to the elders and to the gods; a glorious person whose relatives, wealth, and virtue are renowned; an honest and grateful man whose actions are valiant; one whose fame is obtained by himself and who is endowed with the qualities of steadfastness, strength, intelligence, cleverness, and pomp; a man who is superior in the rules relating to such things as poetry, business, craftsmanship, of stones, learning, sacrifices, vows, and worship; a generous person fond of righteousness (dharma) and hard to assail; one who does as he pleases and is irresistible to others; a strong, sweet, and compassionate man; a proud man who likes to be protective and has a terrible temper; one who looks like a horse, is fat, and has a large head; a well dressed man; one who has no wives or sons and who laughs terribly; a man fond of drinking whose mind is engrossed in battles; one who knows how to use his strength and who speaks fearlessly; an impetuous person fond of women.

If Jupiter aspects, a king; If Venus, one with much property and power; If Mercury, a learned man of fierce actions; If the Sun, a courteous and famous person; If Mars, an evil person; and If Saturn, a wealthy man in Sagittarius.

The Moon in Capricorn: produces a man who delights in woods, forests, and lakes; a well dressed person who rejoices in singing and laughter; a famous person desiring sexual intercourse with other men’s wives; a noble man fond of good righteousness (dharma), crafts, sacred traditions (sruti), perfumes, garlands, baths, and enjoyments; a wanderer who obtains happiness from that; one who is curious who has many movable possessions; a person whose anger does not last long; a man desiring glory who is fond of his relatives’ money; one who suffers from the cold; a handsome man dear to noble people; one who longs for battle, and whose words are proclaimed with a smile; an honourable man who is noble with his beauty, strength, and power; a good-looking person who is patient and learned in sacred traditions (sruti), one who is tormented by such thing as diseases of the heart, the cold, fevers, wind, fainting spells, loss of virility, illness, sickness, and distress; a man afflicted moreover by diseases and illnesses caused by cold and wounds.

If Mars aspects, a king; If Saturn, one like that; If Jupiter, a rich man; If Mercury, an eloquent man; If Venus, an honourable and wealthy person; and If the Sun, a jealous, impoverished, and rough man in Capricorn.

The Moon in Aquarius: produces a weak, penniless, dependent, and angry man who has few joys; one who loses the money he obtains and serves another man’s wife; a poorly clothed person who slander the origins of others; a man attached to low women, gambling, envy of others, slander, tricks, and attending corpses; one who undertakes many enterprises, and knows no patron; a man who hates his relatives and cheats his elders; an intelligent person who has turned away from the fruits of righteousness (dharma); a man of deceitful character who is secretive; one who serves the world, but is beyond affection; a man whose friends are undesired and destroyed; a despondent person who gives presents to those who are kind to him; a grateful and trembling man who is unable to carry burdens; one whose efforts are insignificant and whose speech is soft and slow; a man whose nose and ears are pointed upwards, and who is censured by the king; one afflicted by diseases of the heart, winds, sicknesses, and diseases of the genitals; a man made sorrowful by hunger and fatigue; one whose wealth is destroyed by his enemies and rivals; a man who is always struck by such miseries as insensibility.

If the Sun aspects, one who dies of disease and wandering; If Venus, a man with an ignoble (or, non-Aryan) wife; If Mars, one who steals the wealth of others; If Saturn, a rich king; If Jupiter or Mercury, a great man in Aquarius.

The Moon in Pisces: produces a man endowed with conviction, strength, truthfulness, intelligence, steadfastness, renown, and power; a courteous and sweet-speaking person devoted to modesty, generosity, and civility; a bold man abounding in knowledge and science; one who recognizes wise gurus and delights in good behaviour; a man with a good wife who takes pleasure in gods, Brahmans, and teachers; a person possessing property, loveliness, beauty, and handsomeness; one whose food and drink are dainty and who is fond of perfumes and garlands; an expert in the rules relating to gymnastics, music, and the arts; an owner of gold, lands, woolens, cattle, houses, and women; a well dressed man who is respected by the king; one who is learned in the Puranas, medicines, vows, and sacrifices; a man whose actions are directed towards such places as rivers and oceans; one who knows the rules of action in subtle decisions regarding law-suits, policy, and calculation; a man fond of purity who moves swiftly and sleeps little; a very clever fellow whose teeth are small and few; a compassionate man with many enemies, friends, and wives; a diligent and virile man who is impatient of insult.

If Jupiter aspects, a king; If Venus, the pundit of a lord (Isvara); If Mercury, one who knows the rules of laughing and the arts; If Mars, an evil man; if Saturn, a fierce person; and If the Sun, one who quarrels with many in Pisces.

Note: Thus these natures and characters of men have been described from the power of the Moon in the various signs. That sign which is strongly aspected by its own lord gives the same result as has been described.

If the planets are in their own houses, in their friend’s houses, in upacaya places, or in their exaltations, and are aspected by very strong planets, then the signs which are not combined with the malefic planets are not injurious in nativities.

The sign in the ascendant is called the base of the nativity; its nature has various qualities and they are to be determined by means of influences of the same strengths, whatever powers there are from a prior consideration (?). If the lord of the ascendant is at its highest strength, the native always receives his qualities from the ascendant; because of this, among the places, the ascendant is always called “the soul”; therefore, pay attention to its natures.


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