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Charms Talismans and Spells: Introduction, Chapter I, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

It is observed that people are very much afraid of tamsik type of spells because they are performed to harm others. Rather they are considered more difficult than the Satwik ones and are performed by the tantrics.

Numbers of spells

There is no number fixed for totkes because these are done on daily basis as a part of ritual whereas tonas are having a fixed number which is to be performed as per the direction. Basically tonas are directed by some practitioner and performed under his/her guidance.

It is seen that there is always an apprehension in the mind of the common man that there is some particular age for practicing such type of practices. According to us such practices could be performed by any one who has attained proficiency in such practices. However, tonas are performed under the guidance of some perfect persons because it is seen that they may have devastating affect over the practitioner of the native.

It is seen that due to some unavoidable circumstances the native has to skip the spell he is performing. For example, the native has been asked to light a lamp under the banyan tree for twenty one days but on the twelfth day he has to go out of station for some work. Now the native has to start the spell from first and the eleven days will not be included in it. However, these eleven days will not harm the native. Females have been given liberty in this regard. If a woman has to perform the spell and in between she runs through the menstruation cycle, she can skip those days and start the spell further. It may be kept in mind that if some is facing hurdles while performing the spells then he should check whether the act he is performing is against the nature. If that is so then he should skip that spell and should not perform the same.

Types of spells

A spell could be performed in six manners as per the need of the native. They have be divided into six parts as per the requirements.

1. Shantikaran: - The literal meaning of shanty is peace but in this context the shanti word refers to destruction of sickness, cure of diseases and warding off the malefic influence of planets.

2. Vashikaran: - Vashikaran means under the influence and control but in this context this rite is undertook by the devotee for making a person do as was bidden by preceptor. In other words it could be said that one can control any woman, man, officer minister, devta, soul, animal etc., and can gain according to his wishes.

3. Stambhan: Stambhan is a rite for stunning or it is intended to prevent some activity of some on in view or check persons as mentioned above to stop acting him.

4. Vidveshan: - Vidveshan is hatred. The purpose of this act is to bring split and mutual ill well between two friends.

5. Ucchatan: - The literal meaning of Ucchatan is driving away. It is used to dislodge someone from his state. It deals with the distraction of mind of enemy and other persons so that they may remain away from their country, birth place, residence, home an family members etc. It also deals with when the practitioner requires one to remain at war with others.

6. Maaran: - Maaran means killing. These are death persuading spells through which any body can be killed.

Right time

Every act has its assign time for performance. We will have our breakfast in the morning, lunch in the noon and dinner at night. Likewise these practices have been assigned some time by the scholars in the field. It is observed that most of the practices are started during Shukal paksh (bright half). There are different auspicious times for starting these spells as told in our classics. To get best out of the spells one should follow the right time in right spirit.

While performing the spells one should take the help of astrology for complete perfection. Besides the normal astrological remedies there are some remedies which are done by us to propitiate the planets. It is seen that people are donating mustard oil and iron on Saturday to propitiate Saturn because Saturn governs a lot of things in our life. If this remedy is done during 7 ½ years cycle of Saturn it will benefit the native. He should start it on the first Saturday of Shukal paksh.


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