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The astral energy of May, 21, 2012 says - A day when you can pan for yourself - a day with vibrations - meditate & think / plan - visit your temple / spend a minute at your temple with yourself .
Thought For The Mind - All pain is created by you - no situation can create it - be clear and positive in your mind - we and at-least i have the habit of sitting at the negatives in a relationship/work/with self - do a self talk and withdraw. Please meditate today - meditation is no technique - sit quietly and as in food we only consume that which is healthy and cooked - in the same way today only let the thoughts that nurture love - power peace & happiness in you be kept and the rest thrown away . Delete for the OS- the pain/guilt/labels/perspectives - if you understand the computing language. It is important you do it today as the energy - vibrations will help .Be truthful & sit - talk - let be - let go .Think slowly - softly - surely - we never deceive ourselves. Remove all guilt and pains. Connect to the power at the TOP - think of the energy within you flowing upwards while you do the self talk. God Bless All, warmly

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