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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 93


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Woman – contact another

He will have contact with another woman in his 23-24 year

(As Moon is behind Jupiter and also depositor of Jupiter so transit of Jupiter on Moon at 23-24 may give contact with another woman).

Chart No. 72

Father Service treasury

Service in treasury and then in ordinary service

From the position Sun, Venus is n 2nd in exaltation and conjunct Saturn indicates service in treasury and in an ordinary service. (Venus in exaltation gives treasury service and Saturn then gives ordinary service).

Father – overcomes dangers

Great difficulties for the father of the native to overcome

In between Mars and Venus, Saturn combination, Sun and Mercury are placed i.e. combination of Sun, Mercury is placed between Mars and Saturn and Venus combination.

(Venus and Saturn ahead of Sun, Mercury is in difficult situation as both are inimical to Sun. Besides this position of Mars karka of difficulties and troubles behind Sun, Mercury combinations add to the problem).

Native employed

After completing 22-23 year the native will be employed.

As Jupiter transit in Taurus sign owned by Venus which is exalted along with Saturn.

(The sign lord if exalted give the result when transited by Jupiter. It was not Pisces as Rahu opposed).


From indications of better in service and getting employment at 27 – 28 and 22 – 23 and promotions at 34 – 35 it appears that all have happened while transiting in the sign of Venus which is exalted.

Thus it appears that if Jupiter transits a sign whose lord is exalted than good results accrues depending on location of exalted planet. Here exalted Venus is conjoined with Saturn karka of service and so thing connected with service were of good result, because the combination of Saturn and Venus is having Sun on one side and Rahu on the other.

Better in service

He gets better at 27 – 28.

Probably due to transit of Jupiter over Mars at 27 – 28. Mars in the house of Venus Libra give good result as the lord of his sign is exalted with Saturn.

(Principle – see note above).


He will have promotions in his 34 – 35 and 40th and 45th year.

(When Jupiter transits its sign Taurus in 3rd round).

At 40 again Jupiter will transit Libra over Mars in its 4th round and while transiting Aries when aspected by Mars in its 4th round. (In 4th round Jupiter contacts Mars and Mars becomes more active and so this time the results while transiting the Aries sign and aspected by Mars).

Deposit money in secret plans

He will deposit money in secret plans.

(Venus and Saturn conjunction. Venus is karka of money and Saturn karka of secrecy and Jupiter sign Sagittarius being spiritual sign or godly sign indicate depositing money in secret place).

He will own conveyances

(Mars and Venus well placed)

Great Raja Yoga

From his 30th to 48th years there is great yoga.

(In the 3rd round and 4th round Jupiter transit Virgo and aspected by Saturn and Venus and contacting Mars in 4th round in Libra).


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