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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 60


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Father possession of a house

Father to have come into possession of a house and father will overcome his troubles too.

As Capricorn is aspected by Mercury who is posited next to Sun’s position.

(Jupiter due to retrogression is in Capricorn and having direct aspect of Mercury from Cancer. Thus Mercury is aspected by Jupiter placed before Pisces having Mars. So it indicates a house as Mercury is 2nd to Sun karka of father. Mercury is inimical to Sun, so capable of causing troubles but because of aspect of Jupiter he overcomes them as well).

Elder brothers – none

The native had no elder brothers as so the eldest born

As there are no planets behind Jupiter except Ketu

Father Marriage

The father would have been forced to marry a girl whom he did not approve

It was a forced marriage as Sun is conjunct Rahu

(Sun the karka of father is having Venus representing a wife in the rear. Rahu is very friendly to Venus and Sun is inimical both to Rahu and Venus. Sun does not want Venus to join but Rahu being friendly with Venus (Venus is Guru of Rahu) suppresses Sun and allows Venus to join and so a forced marriage which he did not like.

Brothers and Sisters

Native has brothers and sisters

Jupiter is having planets ahead of it.

Father – troubles

Native’s father had a lot of troubles while young caused by his cousins.

(Sun is having enemy Mercury in 2nd house and Mercury represents cousins).

Parents – Great love for God

The parent was one who had love for God and was learned in Vedas and Puranas (ancient religious ore).

(Sun placed in Gemini and aspected by Jupiter and also having aspect of divine planet Ketu placed in divine sign Sagittarius).

Native amassed wealth

Native amassed wealth when his sisters were in great troubles

Mars in Pisces transits its own place Aries, which is exaltation point for Sun. As the next house is occupied by the planet Venus, the native amassed wealth when his sisters were in great trouble. (Mars in Pisces the sign of Jupiter and placed next to Jupiter indicates that Mars is source of money. How Mars behave and give money? Mars as it transits its sign Aries indicates a lot of money as it is an exaltation sign of Sun and Sun also indicates money as it is great royal and king. The next house is transiting where Venus is placed and Mars would be joining Venus, but Mars is inimical to Venus so Mars causes great troubles to Venus, so the result).

Native temperament

Makes the native dogged in nature and one who comes in tense situation for making money

Mars position in 2nd to Jupiter (Mars is in 2nd becomes the source of money and gives dogged nature. Mars is karka of tension, quarrels etc. Thus the position of Mars in the 2nd indicates tense situations for sake of money).

Amass wealth opportunity

He will avail the opportunity to amass the wealth

While Rahu come to gobble up Venus, Mars helps him and avails this opportunity to amass wealth.

Above it is said that native amassed wealth when his sisters were in great troubles and this has been explained here well. As Rahu comes to gobble up Venus and creating troubles to sisters, Mars progresses further and comes to Aries which is exaltation sign of Sun with Venus in 2nd, thus Mars helped native to amass wealth when sister were in troubles).


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