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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 56


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Improves his finances and he will enjoy good times

When Saturn transits Cancer, Jupiter aspect improves his finances and he will enjoy good times.

Previous Birth

All the above troubles arise because of the effect of the previous birth when Jupiter was in Sagittarius and Moon in Libra moving to his debilitation. Saturn and Mars in the 2nd house to Moon now indicate that in previous birth the native had taken away all wealth from his mother and gave much trouble to her and she cursed and died. By propitiating the Goddess at Madurai with religious sacrifices, feeding and giving presents to five kanyas (unmarried girls) will give him great relief from the present troubles.

Present Life


Native will be employed in a factory of iron machinery.

(Saturn karka of service conjoined with Mars (machinery) in sign Scorpio which also represent machinery).

Good Times

He will have good times from 50th year onwards.

Jupiter will be transiting in 5th round in Taurus sign with aspect of Saturn and Mars which does not speak well. However at 50th year Jupiter will be transiting over natal Jupiter and Ketu both devine and so good times onwards as transit over Venus will also be good and there are no planet. Saturn will be transiting in Cancer sign which as discussed above will be good.


One of his brothers will attain good fame.

Mars signifying brother has Mercury and Jupiter in consecutive house.

Medical Knowledge

Native will be known for his medical knowledge and earn great deal. Venus in 2nd to Jupiter.

Sisters and daughters – come to limelight

His sisters and daughters will come to limelight.

When Saturn transits Leo as Venus and Moon will receive aspect of Saturn.

(Of course transit of Saturn in Leo will be causing aspect of Saturn on Venus in Aquarius which is 7th aspect and gives prominence to daughter. But aspect on Moon in Libra the sign of exaltation means 3rd aspect which brings sister in prominence thus 3rd aspect of Saturn is also to be considered as 9th of Jupiter).


His daughter will be very rich. Venus next to Jupiter.

Partner Health

His partner will not be having full measure of health. She may be suffering from piles and urinary troubles.

(Venus is having Ketu behind itself).

Loss of Father

Native may lose his father at the age of 47 – 49.

(It may be transit of Saturn in Gemini or Jupiter on Venus as Sun white progressing meets bitterest enemy Venus). In fact if Sun progress and it comes to Pisces sign (36 – 48) no problems. As it comes to Aries (48 to 60) its sign of exaltation but its lord Mars in 8th with Saturn enemy is fatal for Sun (father). Thus as Sun progresses in 5th round and contact debilitated Jupiter with Ketu bad for Sun. Thus equivalent would be transit of Jupiter on Venus). Note the rotation of Sun if predictions of Father is wanted.


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