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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 48


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Native will be having somewhat good times (after contact of Saturn with Rahu) thereafter and will earn name and fame

Saturn touches Venus after his contacts with Rahu and so native will have somewhat good times thereafter and will earn name and fame. (This is very important as Saturn is karka of service and in service or profession one can earn name and fame till Saturn contacts Mars. Moon and Rahu there is no gain but laborious job and no peace of mind. As Saturn contact Venus planet of value and great friend of Saturn there is peace and fame and name after wards as there is no planet after Venus).

Chart No. 27

As no horoscope available so extracts as combinations indicated.

Native is a devotional and very reliable person

As Sun is in conjunction with Jupiter.

His father is a very popular man

Sun Karka of father conjunct Jupiter.

Native is highly intellectual but will not obtain scholastic degree.

The conjunction of Venus, Mercury and Saturn.

Profession will be a laborious one

As trio (Venus, Mercury and Saturn) are not aspected and have no planets in the next house.

Though Jupiter has been accepted as propellant of life of female horoscope and contact of Venus with Jupiter (ill placed) is not in a happy situation and so the result of unhappy and unstable mind. Venus has been it appears given importance in case of female horoscopes.

Chart No. 28


Native will be very learned

With Saturn and Jupiter is in Virgo in the house of intellect.


Father who does hard work and is born with a load of sins to be washed off.

With Sun, Rahu and Mercury in the same house indicate it. (Sun karka of father with Rahu with Saturn (hard work) indicates hard work. Mercury is enemy of Sun and if Sun is in rear house for past birth, Rahu retrograde tries to contact and so lot of sins. Besides in next house to Sun will be Rahu and Saturn indicating load of sins to be washed off.

Mind Unstable & unhappiness

Causing unstable mind and unhappiness

The controller of life Jupiter is unhappily placed. Venus is placed in previous house causing an unstable mind and unhappiness.

(The most important thing, Jupiter is also the controller of life for female horoscope. Jupiter here is placed in an inimical house along with Saturn and Rahu causing unhappiness. Besides Venus is bitterest enemy of Jupiter and going to contact Jupiter already in an unhappy situation).


She is not good character

(Venus is placed in an inimical house and is going to join Mars placed in Leo. Venus is karka of love and Mars a Rajoguna in Leo. Thus it indicates a bad character as Mars in such a condition represents a lady with passions).

Partner – Husband

Will face great humiliation in a court of law.

Mars indicating partners comes in contact with Saturn and Jupiter, Sun and Rahu. (Sun represents government which is inimical to Rahu so humiliation by government and Jupiter represents legal actions or karka of legal things. Saturn of course is along with Rahu. Both being dark planets bring about disgrace and humiliation).


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