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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 39


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Financial gains

He will then have financial gains

(As discussed above transit of Jupiter over Pisces the sign of exaltation of Venus giving financial gains. Pisces is also sign of Jupiter.)

Income from landed property

2-3 years later income from landed property is indicated.

(2-3 years later Jupiter will be transiting in Taurus the sign of finances. It will be transiting over natal Jupiter with aspect of Mars (landed property) from Scorpio. Thus this result).

Issues and children status

2 of his children will be good and earn great name and fame.

With Venus and Sun following Jupiter position. Venus and Sun are 2 children and both of them ahead (following) of Jupiter indicate that Jupiter will be joining them and so good.

Children settle down abroad

It is likely that one of the children will settle down in a foreign country.

With Mercury and Rahu following Sun. (Sun is one of the children as mentioned above. Sun in Cancer indicates sign of movements and ahead of it Rahu also indicates settlement in foreign country. Thus Sun behind Rahu and Mercury indicates that one of his children will settle down in foreign country. Leo is a fixed sign).

Unhappy 1st marriage

Jupiter in 12th to Venus indicates unhappy 1st marriage. Venus is lord of Taurus and as such has passed over Jupiter in inimical sign indicating unhappy 1st marriage. Venus in common sign may give 2 marriages. As Venus progress further it has friend Mercury and Rahu indicating happiness thereafter.

Married life

Unhappy 1st marriage

Jupiter in 12th to Venus indicates unhappy 1st marriage. (Jupiter in 12th may join Venus karka of marriage and Jupiter is bitter enemy of Venus).

Children Settled

By about 75 he will have all his children married and settled in life.

(By this time Jupiter would be transiting in sign of Mars Scorpio in its 7th round).

They will all be rich and happy.

(Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are all well placed.)


Native line up to 80-81 years of age

7th round of Jupiter will be contacting in Scorpio where Mars is located and aspected by Jupiter. This is a peculiar position and Mars is in strongest position. The only reason that can be forwarded is that Mars has been weakened by having Mercury (bitter enemy) on one side and Saturn on the other at equidistance. Besides Mars is outside Rahu-Ketu axis and thus Jupiter and Mars are separated. However this has to be ascertained. 80-81 means transit over Saturn and Ketu or Capricorn with Ketu’s retrograde influence and this is more likely.

Chart No. 17

Settlement not specific

Native will have not specific settlement in life and will change his profession frequently.

There are no planets in the adjoining houses to the house occupied by Saturn. On the whole it is a miserable life.


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