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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 38


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Foreign travels

The native will have foreign travels on 3 occasions. Moon is in exaltation with Ketu in the next house.

Moon is karka of movements and Ketu is karka for foreign. Normally Ketu by statistical research indicates 3 times. However it could be that foreign journeys are caused by signs Taurus (Moon exalted), Gemini (Ketu) and Cancer (Moon’s sign).

Fruitful foreign journey

Out of 3 foreign journeys only 2 will be fruitful.

(The journey caused by exalted Moon, Ketu in Gemini will be fruitful while one caused by Cancer sign having debilitated Mars with Saturn in opposition may not be fruitful).

Divine interest

The native is deeply interested and in love for divine.

(Jupiter is having Saturn in next house in Sagittarius or Jupiter occupying house of exaltation of Saturn. However the most appealing is that next to Jupiter is Saturn in Sagittarius which has the aspect of Ketu from 75th).

Large family

He may have large family of 9 children.


Live up to a good old age of 80-83 years and perform pilgrimage

7th round of Jupiter is up to 84 years. Here Jupiter contacts sign Aries the lord of which is debilitated and aspected by bitterest enemy Venus. He may die any time when Jupiter transit over Ketu in Gemini in inimical sign and up to Leo the lord of which is located in 8th in Pisces. Before transiting in Gemini it transit Pisces (godly sign) where Sun is placed and so also in Aries aspected by Jupiter. Pisces is godly and watery sign and Sun is karka of Atma. This also indicates pilgrimage before the end of life.

Chart No. 16


Native is an administrative man helpful to others.

(Jupiter having the aspect of Mars from Scorpio and having Venus Sun Mercury in continuation).


Native’s father is commercial minded

As Sun has Mercury in Leo, which his the second house to Sun in Cancer.

Brothers and sisters

Native will have 5 or 6 brothers and sisters.

Mars is in his own house Scorpio, with Jupiter in 7th, Venus in 8th and Mercury and Rahu in 10th.

(It appears planet with reference to Mars the karka of brother’s gives clue to co-born. Here Mars is in its own house with Jupiter in 7th. Next to Jupiter is Venus i.e. Venus in 8th to Mars and then in 10th to Mars are Rahu and Mercury. Thus planets are in 7th, 8th and 10th from Mars).


He will be employed in a rich concern.

As Saturn has Mercury in 7th. Mercury depicting the concern is in Leo, a Royal sign.

Name and fame

He will earn name and fame in his 34-35 years.

Transit of Jupiter is over Saturn in Aquarius with aspect of Mercury from royal sign Leo. After this it will transit in Pisces in the exaltation sign of Venus placed in Gemini.


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