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Vastu Shastra: Selection of Land, Chapter III, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

10. Swamukha – Upward sloping in the Southeast, Northeast and West Sectors and downward sloping in the Southwest sectors – causes poverty.

11. Syenaka – Downward sloping in the South east and upward sloping in Southwest, Northwest and Northeast Sectors – causes destruction or death.

Quality of earth

Soft earth – good.

Wet earth – good.

Muddy earth – not good.

Objects found at the time of digging

While digging in the Plot, the finding of Bricks or pieces thereof or Stone is good, whereas findings of frog, snake, black ants, bones, ashes, iron and shivalinga are not good for construction of a residential house. If the Idol of any deity is found, a temple should be constructed along with the residential house.

Road and Site

Site with one road

Road on North side

level should be lower.

Very good

Road on East side

level should be lower

Very good

Road on South

Level should be higher


Road on West side

Level should be higher


Site with two roads

Roads on North and East side

Roads are at lower level than the site

Very good

Roads on North and South sides

Northern Road level should be lower


Roads on North West sides

Northern Road level should be lower and the Western road level higher than the plot level

Very good site.

Roads on East and West sides

Western Road should be at higher level than the Easatern Road.

Good site.

Roads on East & South sides

Eastern Road should be at lower level and the Southern Road at higher level

Fair quality site.

Roads on West and South side

Roads levels are higher than the site.


Site with three roads

Roads on North, East and South side

Road should be higher.


Roads on North, West & South sides

Northern Road should be lower.


Roads on East, North – and West sides

Road in the Western side should be in the higher level

Very good.

Roads on East, South & West sides

-Eastern Road should be at lower level


Site with four Roads

Roads in four sides of the Plot are excellent provided the roads in Western and Southern sides are in higher level than the other two roads.


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