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Vastu Shastra: Introduction, Chapter I, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

These are the great five elements. Each of the elements has a proper position on our property and in our home. When the elements are correctly positioned, they become balanced and create the perfect vibrations. Then the positive effects of the elements will flow. Nature automatically cooperates with the soul and the life. In order to live a happy and successful life, you have to take protection in God’s elements, the roots of the tree of Vaastu, the pancha pranas, the five life forces of Vaastu.

Friendship between the elements

Earth and water are mutual friends. Air and Fire are also friendly to each other. Water and fire, earth and air are inimical to each other. Therefore, while doing construction work this balance is maintained in the home.

Elements, senses and deities


Part of the body






















Ashwini kumar

Vastu Directions

The different directions and sectors of a house/plot are assigned to different Gods and Guardians. These sectors, when constructed according to the nature of the God, lead to complete harmony and bring in prosperity, good thought and sound health to people living inside. In this section we would learn about the guardians and god of these directions.

Generally there are four main directions. The East, The West, The North, and The South and they are further divided in sub directions, The South-East, The South-West, The North-West and The North-East. Every direction has its own importance In Vastu Shastra.

1. East- East direction is governed by Lord Indra. As the sun rises from East, hence, this direction is given the first position. It gives prosperity and wealth. In all there are nine Gods who are guardians of this direction. They are Ish, Parjanya, Jayant, Indra, Sun, Satya, Bhrush, Akash and Agni.

2. West- West direction is governed by Lord Varuna who controls the rain and water. The Guardians of the West direction are Rog, Pap, Shesh, Asur, Varun, Pushpadevta, Sugriv, Dwarpal, Pitar. Out of them Rog, Pap, Asur, Dwarpal and Pitar are having cruel powers.

3. North- Lord Kuber who has immense stores of riches governs this direction. The other guardians are Diti, Aditi, Sarpa, Som, Bhalat, Mukhya and Nag. All these are auspicious and gives happiness and prosperity.

4. South- Lord Yama governs this direction and Usha, Vitatha, Yama, Krutanta, Gandharva, Bhrungraj, Mriga are among guardians. The South direction is banned for all auspicious functions.

5. South-East- This direction lies between the south and the east directions. Agni governs this direction which is used for yajana and burying Vastuprusuh. The kitchen should always be in this direction.

6. South-West- The corner between the South and the West direction is known as the South –West direction Nairuti (Putna demonises) is the authority of this direction. Therefore, it is banned for all auspicious functions. This direction should be filled with heavy unmovable goods. Pits, wells, septic tanks, water storage tank, toilets or bathrooms should not be constructed in this direction. This is because cruel forces are contaminated or get dissolved in the pits or water and it can prove harmful to man.

7. North-West- This direction is in the corner of the North and the West directions. This is the direction of Vayu Devta. Air is necessary for all living beings; therefore, tall structure should not be built in this direction. Tall trees should not be planted in this direction.

8. North-East- The corner of the north and the east directions is known as the north –east direction. God himself rules this direction. Therefore, there should be no construction is this direction. Toilets, sundry room etc. should not be built in this direction. However, wells, underground tanks, boring wells etc. give auspicious results, if built in this direction.


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