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Mars & Mercury: Budha (Mercury) Maha Dasa Phala, Chapter XXVII, Part - 8


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Troubles from enemies almost daily; various upsets; financial losses; fear from enemies; loss of quadrupeds; death on the paternal side; expenses due to higher officials; quarrels with son; failure in undertakings; being fettered or restrictions on native’s movements; respiratory diseases and upset of pitha (bile).

(b) The following are the SPECIAL EFFECTS, in addition to those mentioned above, if bukti natha SURYA is conjunct or aspected by:-

Chandra – Acquisition of ornaments and precious stones; costly dress and ornaments; well being of preceptor and children.

Kuja – Gain of precious stones and ornaments and red-coloured dress; gain of conveyance.

Budha – Income of money from various directions; marriages amongst relatives, company of women of questionable character.

Guru – Birth of children; good health; financial income; collection of various things.

Sukra – Increase of conveyance and cattle; gain of gold ornaments and matrimonial functions.

Sani – Destruction or loss of clothes, conveyances and cattle; separation from relatives and loss of servants and maid-servants.

(c) If bukti natha SURYA is in Kendra, trikona, 3 or 11th from Maha Dasa Natha or conjunct benefics:

Professional betterment or getting a new profession; discussions and gain of knowledge; hearing Hari Katha/Ramayana; celebrations; gain of new relations (as a result of marriage etc.); auspicious celebrations; prosperity to wife and children and increased financial income; daily charities of food to poor and opportunities of contacts with highly placed officers.

(d) If bukti natha SURYA is in Dushsthana from Maha Dasa Natha Budha or conjunct malefic:-

Expenses; mental unrest; VIVAHE KALAHAMCHAIVA (quarrels in or during marriage ceremonies); troubles from ladies and quarrels with relatives; loss of authority, finance and cattle.

(e) If bukti natha SURYA is in 2nd or 7th or is conjunct another Marka Graha:

Fear of death. S a shanty, performance of BHASKARA PRARTHANA and GO (cow) DAN are prescribed, after which the native will enjoy good health.

Chandra Bukti = 17 months

(a) The following are the effects of CHANDRA BUKTI in BUDHA MAHA DASA with reference to various Yogas:

(i) If bukti natha CHANDRA is in Kendra, Trikona, 3 or 11th from Lagna, in exaltation, own house, Navamsa in own house or exalted Navamsa, conjunct or aspected by Guru or Chandra is otherwise strong and is nearing Full Moon:

Lordship over land or a village; opportunities of using horse as conveyance; honour and respect from a master; gain of ornaments and precious stones; marriage of relatives; increase in the circle of friends; prosperity to master/employer; increased cattle holding; more servants or subordinates; greater agricultural produce; success in undertakings; gain of articles from others; prosperity to relatives on equal footing.

(ii) If bukti natha CHANDRA is waning or aspected by malefic or in inimical sign or in Dushsthana from Lagna:

MANAS CHANCHALYAM (wavering of mind or indecision); loss of reputation; business losses; troubles from thieves; loss of finance, cattle and agricultural produce; bitterness with wife and troubles; misunderstandings with mother or maternal relations; quarrels with relatives; failures in undertakings in spite of best efforts; King’s anger.

(b) The following are the SPECIAL EFFECTS, in addition to those mentioned above, if bukti natha CHANDRA is conjunct or aspected by:-

Surya – Aimless travels; monetary losses; professionally his position gets shaky.

Kuja – Auspicious functions like marriage; prosperity and well being of near and distant relatives.

Budha – Study of Veda and Shastra )or religious books); pilgrimage; business gains.


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