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Mars & Mercury: Budha (Mercury) Maha Dasa Phala, Chapter XXVII, Part - 7


Dr. Shanker Adawal

(b) the following are the SPECIAL EFFECTS, in addition to those mentioned above, if bukti natha SUKRA is conjunct or aspected by:-

Surya – Anger of king; loss of wealth; failures in undertakings; change in environments.

Chandra – Mental unrest; sufferings to mother; failure to realize anticipated profits; failures in undertakings.

Kuja – Quarrels arising due to ladies; bodily troubles and troubles to wife; bitterness with a brother.

Budha – Charitable inclinations; gain of knowledge in mathematics and literature;

Guru – Birth of son; gain of money; freedom from diseases; reputation; success in undertakings.

Sani – Misunderstandings and quarrels with brothers; suffering losses in the matter of landed and household properties; financial and agricultural losses.

(c) If bukti natha SUKRA is in Kendra, trikona, 3 or 11th from Maha Dasa Natha, BUDHA, or conjunct benefic:-

Acquisition of costly things and ornaments; purchasing high class dress including robes; increased cattle holding and financial income; celebration of marriage; help from a favourably disposed master/employer; daily charities of food to poor; helpful attitude toward relations.

(d) If bukti natha SUKRA is in Dushsthana from Maha Dasa natha BUDHA or conjunct malefic or in debilitation:-

Ill health and troubles to wife; sufferings to equals; failure of mission in travel; receipt of unpleasant news from a distant place; abrupt quarrels.

(e) If bukti Natha SUKRA is either lord of 2nd or 7th or conjunct with the lord of these two Bhavas or is staying in 2nd or 7th:-

Fear of death. The shanty for warding off this Dosh Phala is DURGA LAXMI JAPA and MAHISHA DAN (golden image) according to the procedure laid down by YAMILA, after which the native will enjoy good health and prosperity.

Surya Bukti = 10 months & 6 days

(a) The following are the effects of SURYA BUKTI in BUDHA MAHA DASA with reference to various Yogas:

(i) If bukti natha SURYA is in Kendra, trikona, 3 or 11th from Lagna or in exaltation or own house:-

Through the grace of Maharaja or highly placed personalities, the native would become an owner of conveyances; PRACHYAM PRAYANAM (travel in Eastern direction); defeat of enemies; well being of wife and children; prosperity to paternal relations; initiation in MANTRA; Workshop of SURYA and SHIVA; getting Darshan of Mahatmas; planning pilgrimages; meetings with and company of Mahatmas and realized souls; success in battles; gain of precious stones; company of relatives.

(ii) If bukti natha SURYA is aspected by KUJA (Mars):

Acquisition of land.

(iii) If bukti natha SURYA is conjunct lord of Lagna:

Happiness and financial income in the beginning of bukti. Troubles and news of death during the middle and end of bukti.

(iv) If bukti natha SURYA is conjunct or aspected by RAHU or malefic:-

Wounds on body; grief and failures in undertakings.

(v) If bukti natha SURYA is in Dushsthana from Lagna or in debilitation:


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