Is Dog's Cry during mid-nights a Bad Omen or Is it Symbolic to someone's Death!

How would you feel if you heard the sound of screaming or crying of an animal at night? We will think this an ominous in some way or a sign of some bad happening in that area in near future. 

1. Is this a bad Omen? 
2. what would be the reason of dog's crying during mid night? 
3. What is the science behind this?

there are many questions comes in our mind as no-one likes dog's crying specially in midnight.

Yes, there is also an ominous belief associated with dog's crying during midnight, which we often heard from the mouth of the elderly people in our family. According to ancient beliefs, if a dog cries out at night, then it is an indicator of the coming death or it reflects the "future crisis".

Is Dog's Cry a Bad Omen

Yes, I think we all must be inquisitive to know that Is the dog's cry a kind of bad luck... or like other deceptive beliefs, it also comes under a thoughtless basis. The answer can be learned after we have a scientific assessment of crying of dog. 

According to science, those who understand these peculiar voices are the cry of dogs, they are wrong. These voices are not their cry but a way in which they have to deliver a special type of messages to their other companions. They do not cry but rather 'hail'. So that their companions can know their place.

Apart from this, when a dog is in pain or trouble, he try to call his other group dogs by these peculiar voices or hailing instead of cry. Dogs do not tolerate sharp sounds, so they gradually get used to 'hail' and we understand these voices their cry.

Dogs too do not like being alone. So when they feels lonely, they call other group dogs by these peculiar voices. It is our mistake to understand that these voices are their cry.

Please never bother or treat any dog whenever listen these kind of peculiar voices from them, they maybe in pain or feeling lonely.

Dr. Shanker Adawal
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