Mayawati and her prospects in 2017 Uttar Pradesh elections - Part 1


1. Chandra Horoscope is much more powerful than Lagna Horoscope. Lagna Lord Saturn in the eleventh and tenth lord Venus in the second house create a powerful Raj Yog.

2. In Chalit Bhav Horoscope, Saturn and Jupiter are both exalted. Their Dashas will give the results of exalted planets.

3. Saturn and Mars are placed in Pushkar Navamsa which enhances their ability to give favorable results.

4. Sun is Vargottam but not fully strong. It indicates financial issues cropping up from time to time. Sixth lord Jupiter in the second only adds to the problem.

5. In the Janma chart, eleventh lord Venus in the eighth house is not good for financial success.

6. Yog Karak Mars is strong but placed with eighth Lord Saturn and Rahu in the fifth house. This reduces Mars’s ability to give promised results. In Panchdha Maitri Chakra, Saturn and Mars are bitter enemies.

7. Mars wins the planetary war and gives good results. His union with eighth Lord Saturn and Rahu spoils the Raj Yog.

8. Retrograde Jupiter in the second house will not give good results pertaining to finances and acquisition of ruling powers as he is primarily the lord of sixth house.

9. Seventh lord Saturn placed in the fifth with Mars and Rahu prevents marital happiness. It also gives health issues connected to reproductive system.

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