Know About Zodiac Signs: Taurus (Virshav), Chapter 2, Part - 17

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Effect of various planets in Taurus Sign

Sun: Sun placed in Taurus will make native clever, reflective, attracted by scents, clothes and deal in them, dislike or hated by women, slow to action, musician, self-confident, tactful, original, sociable, intelligent and will like delicious drinks & meals. He may suffer from eyes & oral cavity.

Moon: Moon place in Taurus will make native liberal, powerful, happy, ability to command, intelligent, handsome, influential, fond of fair sex, happy in middle life and old age, great strides in life, beautiful gait, large thighs and hips, phlegmatic afflictions, rich, patience, respected, love-intrigues, inconsistent, wavering mind, voracious eater and reader, lucky, popular, influenced by women, passionate, indolent and giver of sound judgment.

Mars: Mars placed in Taurus will make native influenced by women, timid, rough body, stubborn, sensual, liking for magic and sports, somewhat unprincipled, selfish, tyrannical, not softhearted, rash, emotional and animal instinct strong sensitive.

Mercury: Mercury placed in Taurus will make native high positioned person, will built, clever, logical, mental harmony, liberal, persevering, opinionative, wealthy, practicable, skilled in many arts, inclination to sensual pleasures, well read and showy.

Jupiter: Jupiter placed in Taurus will make native stately, elegant, self-importance, liberal, dutiful sons, just sympathetic, well read, creative ability, despotic, healthy, happy marriage, liked by all, good in looks, blessed with land & cattle, wise and he will have respect for gods and learned persons.

Venus: Venus placed in Taurus will make native well built, handsome, pleasing countenance, independent, sensual, love of nature, fond of pleasure, elegant, found of scents & flowers, taken to agriculture & cattle rearing and he will have taste in dancing and music.

Saturn: Saturn placed in Taurus will make native poor, attached to elderly women or wicked people, deceitful, unorthodox, clever, voracious eater, worried nature, materialistic outlook and servile.

Rahu: Rahu placed in Taurus will make a native who acquire property & wealth, get honor from public or Govt., have good education, emotions and pilgrimage to holy places.

Ketu: Ketu placed in Taurus will make a native religious, larned, lazy, lusty, foe less and he will go for pilgrimage.


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